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Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter I: Amid the Ruins

Nick heard a fatal scream, ringing along his ears. It was a woman, and he wasn't sure who it could be. Rebecca, Sarita, Jane, Sarah, Clementine. Who knows? Nick was with Luke, the two of them were still walking slowly, sticking to the plan. Nick had no idea where the rest of them were.

"Do you see them, the others?" Nick whispered to Luke. He was still grossed out at the fact that they had walker guts all over them. He couldn't do anything about it, however. Just stick to the plan. Luke shook his head, trying to stay silent. Nick saw a figure running into the woods. Nick didn't know who it was, but it seemed that Luke had a pretty good idea when he rushed off.

"Shit, I'm going after Sarah!" Luke yelled, running towards the figure. Nick followed him, but he was stopped when a bullet pinched his shoulder. He groaned in pain as he fell over.

"Oh shit, Nick!" Luke gasped as he knelt down to his side. Nick groaned as he tried to get up, his black shirt starting to mix with the blood stain.

"I'm fine, go after her…I'll catch up with ya'." Nick told him, clenching his wound tightly, then slowly getting back up. That was bad. Fresh blood. The walkers can smell flesh blood.

"I can't just leave you here, man. Sarah can wait." Luke said.

"Go, LUKE! Carlos isn't going to die for nothing!" Nick yelled to him. Luke hesitated with a frown, then ran back off.

Well, that leaves me. Nick thought, looking around to see if he could find anyone else. He wondered how Uncle Pete would have handled this situation. Nick wasn't going to die here, sure as shit.

Nick ran over a tree, taking cover so he would not be spotted by a walker. That didn't help because a walker with a rotted face, that looked like it could be peeled off like a banana attacked him. Nick groaned as the walker leaned in for a bite on his neck. Nick groaned as he pushed it off, his arm feeling disjointed cause of the gunshot wound. Nick finally gain control, grasping the hair, but unfortunately the hair just ripped off. This walker was rotting like crazy. Had to be an old one. The walker leaned in for another attack, but Nick kicked it's knees, so it fell to the ground. Nick then grabbed his hammer that Luke had given to him. He never really was fond of using a hammer, but it would have to do. Nick grasped it, smashing the walker's head open with the hammer, it fell back, and Nick heard a bone crack. He was thinking it was the knees because it looked pretty disfigured. Nick knelt down to the walker for a finishing blow. The walker stopped moving, and it was dead.

"Damn it." Nick sighed in relief. That was a close one. Nick looked around once more, but back and forth so he wouldn't be jumped by a walker again. Nick spotted a figure moving through the walkers, covered in guts like himself. The figure was short, maybe not even three feet. It was Clementine. Nick slowly walked over to her as she steadily walked, trying to play the corners to come up from behind her and sneak up on her quietly. Nick then got behind her, grabbing her as if giving a hug from behind. Clementine gasped as Nick covered his mouth with his hand.

"Clem, it's me. Don't make any noise." Nick said. Nick removed his hand from her mouth, letting her go. Clementine turned around with a warm smile.

"Nick! What do we do?" Clementine wondered. Nick didn't really know what to do, unfortunately. Clementine was a smart kid, and she seemed to take care of herself quite well. He thought he'd be the one asking that question.

"Why don't we keep on going? We can do this. Me and you. We can find Luke and Sarah and everyone else." Nick finished his sentence then groaned as he clutched his wound once more. Clementine gasped at the sight of it.

"What are you lookin' at? I'll be fine, Clem. Let's go." Nick chuckled as he shrugged it off. Clementine smiled and nodded, then the two of them walked closely together, slowly.

"Spread apart. They can smell fresh blood. You aren't going to go down with me if they attack me." Nick whispered to her. Nick panted heavily, but quietly. He didn't want to get eaten by a lurker. Not happening. Pete wouldn't be proud of that.

"Are you going to be okay, Nick?" Clementine whispered. Nick sighed and looked to her as they kept walking. Walkers were close to them, but luckily there was a somewhat clear path to the woods. It was the way Luke and Sarah had gone.

"Yeah, Clem. I'll be fine. Don't you worry about me." Nick replied, gulping at the thought of all the walkers coming up from behind them, ripping them to shreds. He didn't like the thought but it was there. The two of them reached the woods, and then they started running. Luckily, there wasn't as many walkers in this area then there was back outside the Hardware Store.

The next morning

Nick groaned as he laced the bandage around his shoulder, the bullet had apparently went clean through, but it still hurt like hell. He finalized the bandage, rolling tape around the bandage so it would stick. Nick then put back on his shirt with the bandage underneath. Nick ran his fingers through his shaggy mullet. Nick grabbed his baseball cap and placed it on his head.

Damn, I need to get a haircut. Nick thought, getting up off a log. They were in the middle of the woods. Clementine was still asleep. They were in a nice plain area where the trees had fallen down, closing off the area. It's as if someone actually made it that way. He wasn't complaining, though. Clementine woke up with a yawn, stretching her arms. Nick rubbed his hands together as he leaned them towards a small fire that didn't really show any flames. Nick looked over to Clementine who was getting up from her small blanket. It wasn't a bed, it was just a blanket laying on the ground.

"Good morning, Clem." Nick said as he cooked a squirrel over the campfire. Clementine smiled as she saw Nick cooking a squirrel.

"You got that?" Clementine asked.

"Yeah. Who else got it?" Nick asked.

"Nothing. Nevermind." Clementine said. Clementine remembered back when Pete said Nick was a shitty hunter, well for deer anyways.

"Sorry we don't have any cheeseburgers or anything." Nick smiled, as did Clem. The two of them didn't speak that much, but they got along fine.

"So's, I was thinking once we are rested and we have eaten, we can go ahead and look where Luke and Sarah. I think he was heading towards a trailer park. Sarah ran away after Carlos died, and Luke went after her. Jesus. It feels crazy when someone you've known for so long just dies in front of your eyes. Just ripped apart. Like a big bag of flesh." Nick frowned as he looked to the dirty ground.

"Yeah. I know." Clementine said, remembering all the deaths she had witnessed. Lee, Carley, Doug, Omid, Sarita. There was so many deaths she had witnessed that she somehow got used to it. And that scared her.

"Sound like a plan?" Nick asked, rising his head up. Clementine nodded.

About an hour later

Clementine worried about Sarah. They had just found her glasses under a walker. Maybe she didn't make it?

"So, do you know if anyone else made it out? I know Luke and Sarah did. What about Bonnie, Mike, Jane, and the others?" Nick asked.

"I'm not sure. Sarita didn't make it. She was bit. I cut her arm off, and they ripped her apart." Clementine said, frowning.

"Shit. You cut her arm off!?" Nick questioned.

"I had to! It was the only way!" Clementine growled.

"Hey, I didn't mean…" Nick said, laying his hand on Clem's shoulder. They heard a scream, and a few voices.

"That sounds like Sarah!" Nick said, running towards the gate. He tried to climb the fence. He succeeded, and Clementine looked at the fence. It had no bars to climb, and she was too short anyways. Nick looked back as he was at the top of the fence.

"Where am I supposed to go?" Clementine asked. Nick stuttered as he looked around for an opening.

"Right. Um, there's an opening around the corner, c'mon!" Nick said as he leaped off the fence. Clementine went through the gate which had a hole in the bottom. Nick ran towards the voices.

"Hey, whoa, whoa! Just CALM DOWN." A man said, Nick didn't recognize the voice.

"You just back up! She's with me!" Nick heard Luke's voice. It seemed that there was a stranger with Luke and Sarah. The two of them turned the corner and saw a bunch of walkers banging on the door of a trailer. Nick spotted a sign that labeled 'Sunshine Mobile Home Trailer Park' The letters were gritty and a bit hard to read.

"You got a weapon?" Nick asked. Clementine nodded as she pulled out the bloody hatchet she had. It was quite sharp. Nick wouldn't mess with her. Nick grabbed his hammer and went for the walkers banging on the barricade. He was stopped as a walker grabbed his leg, and he fell down. The walker grabbed his foot, leaning it to bite it. Clementine gasped as she shoved the hatchet in the walker's head. Nick's foot broke free of it's grasp. He looked back to Clementine and nodded as saying 'thanks'. Clementine smiled as she sat back, waiting for Nick to kill the last two zombies. He killed them both, and looked over the barricade.

"Dammit, don't do this!" Luke's voice was heard again. Nick was worried cause of the second voice whom he did not recognize. Nick looked back to Clementine.

"See if you can find something that can get their attention." Nick said to Clementine. Clem nodded as she went over to the red striped truck that was quite dusty, she opened the front door, honking the horn. Nick noticed that the walkers took notice to that, but it wasn't enough. They didn't stay on the noise for quite long.

"We need to find a way to keep it going!" Nick yelled. Clementine nodded as she ran over to a dead walker. Nick looked behind him to see Clementine trying to pick the walker up and drag him.

"Let's put him on the horn!" Clem suggested.

"Not bad. But let me do this." Nick said, impressed that Clem could lift the walker at least. Nick grabbed it's arms, pulling it towards the truck. Nick pulled up the walker, placing it in the driver's seat, then pushing it towards the horn, so it would stay on. That caught their attention. The walkers went for the barricade, and Nick and Clem rushed into the side trailer, and went out the other side of the trailer, and running towards the door to the trailer that Luke, Sarah and the other stranger at. Nick reached the door, trying to open the door, it seemed to be locked. Nick kicked the door once, and then a second time and he successfully kicked down the door. Nick and Clem ran inside, and Nick pushed a bookcase over with the help of Clementine. The bookcase blocked the door for now.

"Who's out there?" Luke called out.

"Luke!" Nick replied. Luke opened the door with his machete in hand.

"Thank god. When I heard you guys kicking down the door, I wasn't sure who it would be." Luke smiled in relief. The man opened the door, with a pistol in hand. He had a black sweatshirt, and black pants. He was a white man. He had a beard and a striped black and dark blue beanie.

"Who is this?" Nick asked.

"I don't know. He was here before us. His name is Eddie." Luke said.

"Look, you guys brought all these walkers here, and you should just take care of them on your own, cause I'm out!" Eddie said as he went back in the room that Eddie and Luke were in.

"Where's Sarah?" Clementine asked.

"She's in here. I don't know what to do with her. You've gotta help." Luke said as he went inside the room, and Nick spotted Eddie climbing up a ladder, to the roof of the trailer park.

"Are you guys coming or what?" Eddie questioned.

"Just hang on a sec!" Luke replied. Eddie scoffed as he waited for the four of them. Sarah was had her knees together, and she wrapped her arms around her knees. Nick knew that her dad's death definitely hit her hard. She wasn't the same anymore. The walkers pounded against the door harder.

"We have to move! NOW!" Eddie yelled.

"I can barely get her to look at me. Can you try, Clem?" Luke asked. Clementine kneeled down to her.

"Sarah? It's me." Clementine said to her.

"Hi." Sarah said, looking back to her knees. Clementine leaned in for a hug but she just screamed. Clementine backed off.

"We've gotta go, kid!" Eddie called out.

"I hate that I've lost so many people. But it's made me strong. I learned to take care of myself. Things aren't like they were before. Everything is hard now." Clementine said.

"You say that like it's so easy. Not everyone can be like you." Sarah finally said, slowly looking up to the younger girl.

"You can be too, Sarah." Clementine replied.

"I wish that were true." Sarah frowned. Nick gasped as he heard the walkers beginning to break through the window behind them.

"Crap, we're surrounded!" Luke said.

"I'm going to leave you here!" Eddie yelled.

"When everything started, I met my friend Lee. He tried to help me find my parents. He protected me more than anyone else my whole life. He died to keep me safe, I was so scared." Clementine said. Sarah looked to her. She was starting to come back, or so Clem thought.

"But you're still here." Said Sarah.

"Because he taught me to be strong, even when I'm scared. Because he wanted me to live. And your dad died because he wanted YOU to live. He would still want that." Clementine finished the story, and Sarah looked to Clem as she handed her her red glasses that she had found on a walker. Sarah gave a small smile. One lense was cracked.

"Let's GO! NOW!" Eddie yelled.

"Wait a fucking minute, Jesus!" Nick yelled back. Eddie scoffed as he looked around the perimeter. The walkers almost got through to the door, and the bookcase soon wasn't enough.

"Shit!" Nick said as he ran towards the bookcase, pushing it against the door to keep it from letting any walkers in.

"Here, c'mon, grab my hand!" Eddie yelled as he put his hand down and Luke grabbed it, and Eddie pulled him up, groaning in pain.

"Alright, c'mon!" Luke took a breath after groaning in pain.

"Shit. Find something to stand on! You're too short!" Eddie said. Clementine glared at him. Eddie shrugged and Clementine ran to Nick.

"We need to use that! They can't reach me and Sarah!" Clementine pointed to the bookcase.

"Oh, fuck me." Nick said as he took a breath, then pushed the bookcase. He kept pushing it back, and Clementine pulling it.

"Keep going!" Nick said as he grabbed his hammer, fighting off a few zombies at a time. Clem groaned as she kept pulling the bookcase. It took her a bit longer to pull it considering she wasn't as strong as Nick.

"Sarah! We have to go, are you listening!?" Clementine yelled. Nick ran inside the room, shutting the door behind him. He had blood all over him.

"I can't, I can't!" Sarah cried out.

"Sarah, your father died to keep you safe! He'll die for nothing if you stay here!" Nick said. Sarah sat there, ignoring him. Clementine slapped her hard across the face with an angry expression. She didn't want to, but it was the only way.

"MOVE!" Clementine yelled. Sarah obeyed and Clementine got up on the bookcase, and was pulled up by Eddie. Nick did the same, and then Sarah did too.

The five of them were on the roof of the trailer park, and then they slid off the top, landing onto the ground, then running off into the woods.

Chapter 2 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter II: A Broken Soul

"Ok, you guys seem cool… I don't mean to be rude or anything but you mind if I join you guys? I probably don't really have much to contribute except some we- Stuff." Eddie said. Nick didn't know what to think about Eddie. He seemed like a weird guy. Definitely not dangerous.

"You helped us get out of there." Luke smiled.

"How? All I did was reach down my hand." Eddie questioned.

"Goddamn my feet are tired. Why don't we just sit down?" Luke groaned. He was quite weak since he was caught trying to steal some food. Carver attacked him, wounded him. Luke was capable of some reckless actions, but he tried his best to avoid them.

"I guess." Nick replied. The five of them reached an area where there was a few logs, and a somewhat clean open area. They would be able to tell if walkers came around. Nick wasn't sure how Sarah was going to come back. After Carlos died, the Sarah that was once there was gone. Vanished. She didn't even look at anyone. Good thing Clementine was there, or else they would have to leave her. Nick couldn't even live with himself if he had to just leave her there to die.

"I'm sorry, just… I haven't gotten much rest since we escaped Carver's. You guys can go on ahead." Luke said, panting.

"Go where? We have no destination." Nick rolled his eyes. Nick thought Luke was being a bit lazy, especially for him because he's always been the 'keep on moving' guy. Nick was always the one who gave up easily.

"You have to find the others. Scout on ahead, take Clem or Eddie with you." Luke said.

"Oh, so now you're Mr. Boss Man?" Nick rolled his eyes again. Luke had been making a lot of stupid mistakes lately, and Nick was tired of it. Usually he would be the one to do the reckless mistakes.

"What the hell is your problem?" Luke growled. Nick scoffed and turned around. Nick rubbed his stubble facial hair.

"Drama, huh?" Eddie said, elbowing Clementine in the arm. Clementine glared at him. Eddie just turned away, awkwardly.

"How's your arm?" Luke asked, remembering that he was shot in the shoulder.

"I bandaged it." Nick replied.

"How'd you know how to do that?" Luke asked. Nick remembered back at the Cabin when Carlos was giving him tips on how to bandage someone.

"Just wrap it around their wound, and then once it's laced around, just put some tape on it. It's easy." Carlos said, ripping off another roll of tape.

"I still don't get why your teaching ME. Why not teach Luke, or Uncle Pete?" Nick asked. Carlos had been teaching him and him only how to bandage properly. Nick never had a good idea why.

"I'll get around to teaching them as well. I can't do it for everyone all the time." Carlos answered.

"Alrighty then." Nick said, stretching his arms. A crazy survivor had jammed a knife in his arm, because he just randomly attacked. Nick never knew why the crazy asshole did that. Carlos was patching up the knife wound. Luckily for Nick, Carlos was the best doctor he's ever seen. And the only doctor he's been with in the apocalypse.

"Carlos taught me." Nick answered him, grabbing his hammer.

"This hammer sucks. I need my rifle back." Nick sighed. Once he said that, Pete's voice popped into his head.

But you can't shoot for shit, son! Didn't you shoot that innocent man? Jesus, son. You still want a gun!? Nick shrugged Pete's voice out of his head.

"Well, I think they confiscated that back at the Hardware Store." Luke sighed.

"Well, I was thinking we could go to Parker's Run, but you want to sit here.." Nick sighed.

"Oh, for fucks' sake, Nick! Fine! Let's go, Jesus." Luke yelled as he got up, walking off into the woods.

"I wasn't…" Nick wanted to apologize. Fuck it, he thought. Nick followed after Luke, and Sarah and Clem did as well. Luke was storming off like a bull running into a wall.

"Don't let me down, Sarah." Clementine said to Sarah. It had been about two hours since they had rescued Sarah from the trailer park.

"But, I'm not okay…" Sarah said, blankly.

"You will be." Clementine smiled. Eddie lagged behind the two girls, feeling awkward. His presence didn't seem to be welcomed, but he wouldn't really expect anything different. Nick started to slow down, but he kept a medium pace so he could keep an eye on where Luke was heading. Nick slowed down to walk next to Clementine.

"Hey, Clem." Nick greeted her. Clementine nodded as a 'hello' and smiled as she kept on walking.

"So what do you think of the new guy?" Nick asked. Clementine shrugged. They had just met the guy, so they didn't have a full opinion. He seemed like a weird guy.

"Does, uh – Kenny know that I shot Matthew?" Nick asked, he figured he would just ask now, because he still regrets it.

"I don't know. He hasn't talked to me about it. Hasn't mentioned Matthew since we left the ski lodge." Clementine replied.

"Oh, ok. He'd probably kick my ass if he found out. I mean.. Walter took it better than I would have. If some random stranger shot Luke, and I had sheltered the person who did it, I'd be pretty pissed off. But he took it better than I would have, if I was in his shoes." Nick said, still keeping an eye on Luke who was actually starting to slow down.

"Walter was a good guy. You didn't know if Matthew was a threat or not." Clementine said, reassuring him with a smile. The eleven year old girl really acted like an adult, and that kinda scared him.

"Thanks, Clem." Nick smiled. Luke went towards a building, placing his hands in a form as if he was putting on sunglasses, and he looked inside the window. Nick ran towards him, figured he might as well use this chance to catch up. Sarah, Clem and Eddie followed.

"What is it?" Nick asked. Luke raised his finger to his mouth, telling him to shh. Luke pulled out his machete, sneaking up from the corner. Nick ducked down, looking to see what was inside the building.

"Oh, fuck." Nick muttered as he put his head down. It seemed to be a nursery home, but perhaps an indie one. It was full of walkers, he noticed some walkers had to push through each other to even move.

"Did you see what's in there?" Luke asked, whispering.

"Who cares!? It's full of those things." Eddie said. He didn't seem to have a weapon of some sort, not a pistol, not a blunt weapon, nothing.

"Look, do you see that? A stash of meds, guns, and food, just sitting in the corner." Luke smiled.

"It's probably a fucking trap. Even if it isn't, it's still not worth it. There's too many of them, Luke." Nick said, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Let's just keep goin'." Nick sighed. Luke nodded, but as soon as Nick turned around he dashed into the building, as fast as he could.

"Dammit, Luke!" Nick growled as he grabbed his hammer and ran in there, hitting the walkers that were around the front door. Luke grabbed the handgun, and put it in his holster that he had. He must have lost his handgun before. Then he grabbed the shotgun, and the bag of meds. He zipped open the bag of meds, stashing as much as food as he could, and then zipped the bag.

"Cover me!" Luke yelled, as he threw over the handgun he had acquired. Nick shot at the walkers, and Luke did as well with the shotgun. Luke couldn't see an opening. Not a place where he could just jump over a walker and run out the door. There had to be a couple hundred of them. The desk where all the equipment were on had held some of the walkers off, but not all of them. They were starting to figure out to go around the desk. Luke kept firing until he ran out of shells.

"Damn it!" Luke said as he ran out of ammo. He held the shotgun the other way, and started smacking walkers with the butt of the shotgun. It wasn't that effective, but it was all he could do. Luke then

"Jane! Help Luke!" Luke heard Nick call out. Luke spotted Jane slicing the head of a walker, and knifing through. Luke had tripped over a walker, losing grip of the shotgun, he forgot having it in his hand, so he left it there.

"C'mon!" Jane called out as she ran out the door, and Luke followed.

Jane shut the door behind him, and grabbed a wood plank that used to be boarded up against the window, but apparently fell off. She put it through the door handle so the walkers couldn't get through.

"What the fuck were you doing?" Jane questioned.

"I got supplies. Food, medicine. And guns. Well, one gun." Luke sighed as he forgot he dropped the shotgun back in that nursery home.

"You fucking idiot." Nick pushed Luke.

"You coulda died, man? What the hell were you thinking?" Nick growled. Luke frowned.

"Who the hell is this?" Jane questioned as she gripped her knife, holding it towards Eddie.

"I can just leave. Okay?" Eddie gulped.

"Jane, it's good to see you." Nick smiled. Jane smiled back as she walked away, telling them to come on. Luke had caught up to Jane.

"Did you find the others?" Luke asked. Jane nodded. She still had some touches of walker guts over her face. Luke sighed in relief.

"Who is all there?" Luke asked.

"Everyone except you five. And Sarita." Jane replied, she said that with no emotion. Nick knew she was quite a hardened person. But c'mon, at least show some sympathy.

"I heard Kenny gave you a rough time. You did the right thing, Clementine. I hope you know that." Jane said.

"It didn't work." Clementine frowned. Nick was still amazed how such a little girl could be capable of handling all the hardship. She cut off Sarita's arm. Whoever taught her to be that strong obviously was a great man. He heard that he had died, quite a while ago.

"You wha-?" Luke began to ask, but was cut off by Jane.

"At least you tried." Jane said, patting her shoulder. Clementine sighed and looked to Luke.

"Sarita was bit. I cut her arm off…but it didn't work. Walkers got her." Clementine explained to Luke, still frowning at the failed attempt.

"Jesus. I'm sorry, Clem." Luke sighed.

"So, who is this guy?" Jane asked Nick and Luke, referencing to Eddie. The guy hadn't talked much since they let him join the group.

"His name is Eddie. We met him at the trailer park when we got Sarah out of there. It was his trailer. It got overrun, and we let him in the group. In fact, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?" Luke said, walking backwards a bit to Eddie, who walked awkwardly and quietly.

"Uh, I'm Eddie. I'm a guy." Eddie said, rolling his eyes at his stupid choice of words.

"I wouldn't have guessed." Nick chuckled. Eddie shrugged as he couldn't say anything good about himself. He could tell them about his past group. And past friends.

"I was with a group, two weeks ago, about a group of seven. It was a bad place. Walkers roamed in every night of the week. We couldn't keep defending the place. Eventually a herd of them just strolled in like they owned the damn place. And they killed everyone. Except me. I had to find a place, so I found this trailer park. I hated living in that damn trailer, looking like some white trash hillbilly freak, which kind of reminded me of my friend Wyatt. Heh." Eddie chuckled at his last sentence, picturing Wyatt's crazy facial hair just sitting in a trailer.

"Wyatt? How much hair does he have?" Luke asked, he thought he knew that name. Wyatt. Hm. A thought of long hair came to his mind when he heard that name.

"He's got a lot up top, not sure how much he has down the- yeah." Eddie explained, deciding not to bring up dirty jokes in front of two teenage girls.

"Dirty blonde?" Luke knew Wyatt. He was apart of Carver's camp. They talked once, briefly.

"Holy shit. That guy? That guy was a weirdo." Nick said, remembering Wyatt.

"Holy fuck! You know who that is!? I've been trying to find him for two years! He's like – my best friend! He.. uh, left me at a dark interstate." Eddie said, laughing with joy.

"Good friend." Nick muttered. Jane was ignoring the whole conversation between Luke, Nick and Eddie and kept walking. Jane looked back to Clementine walking right next to Sarah, who was holding her shoulder. That girl was broken. Just like her sister, Jaime. Her sister Jaime was her 'best friend' according to Jane. They did everything together. She remembered when Jane gave her sister a bad haircut, and she'd laugh at how stupid and idiotic it was to walk around with that hairdo. Jane even giggled quietly out loud, but fortunately nobody heard it.

"You have to tell me where he is, man!" Eddie cried. Luke stopped walking, and Nick did too. Jane didn't stop. She didn't turn back.

"He's at a place called Howe's Hardware. They have – HAD a leader named William Carver. We escaped the place because he was a crazy fucking psychopath. He's dead now, but he was there. I don't know if he is now – the only reason we escaped was because there was a herd on it's way to the Hardware Store. We lost some good people escaping." Luke explained fully, a tear began to swirl around his eye as he thought of Carlos and Sarita. Luke looked to Sarah who didn't even blink. That girl was gone.

"Oh – fuck, um. Shit. Sorry." Eddie said, scratching his head.

"Are you guys coming or not!?" Jane yelled over, as she was quite a long way from the four of them.

"C'mon, guys. We better head back to the others." Luke said, beginning to walk down the path to Jane. Eddie nodded and followed behind Luke. Then, Nick followed with Clem and Sarah.

Chapter 3 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter III: Come Fly With Me

The group reached Parker's run, to be honest, Nick had thoughts they weren't going to ever find the rest. He had those thoughts before, and it destroyed him. Made him want to kill himself.

"Son of a bitch. You found 'em!" Mike smiled, greeting the six people.

"Who's this?" Rebecca asked, her voice was hoarse. Eddie crossed his arms.

"I'm Eddie. Uh, nice to meet you." Eddie said, nodding to Rebecca. Nick spotted Kenny sitting by a statue that had text on it that read 'Forgotten, but never forsaken.' He was holding a gun in his hand, just sitting in an idle stance. Clem heard back at the ski lodge that he lost his own son. He never asked Kenny about it because who knows what would have happened. He also remembered how rude he was to Kenny when he first talked to him back at the dinner table. What happened to him? Did he change for the better? Why does he feel of use now in the group? Is it because he doesn't want to die anymore? Because he's inspired to stop being such a sob because of Uncle Pete's death?

"Hey, Sarah. How you doing sweetie?" Rebecca said, as Sarah walked over to Rebecca she stared at her blankly. Rebecca reached her arm over to her as an attempt to comfort her, but she wiggled her arm way, and stood there, staring at her.

"That's okay, sweetie. Whenever you're ready." Rebecca said, looking to the ground as Sarah walked away.

"I'm just glad everyone made it." Luke sighed in relief.

"Everyone except Sarita. How's he doing?" Clementine asked Rebecca, keeping an eye on Kenny.

"He hasn't moved from that spot in about two hours. We're all just taking a rest…" Rebecca explained, groaning.

"What's going on with you, Bec?" Nick asked, concerned.

"I'm just… I don't know. Don't worry about me." Rebecca said,

"I was thinking since you're here now, maybe you could talk to him?" Bonnie asked, crouching down to Clem, giving her a stare that said 'Please do it, nobody else wants to.'

"Alright.." Clem sighed and walked over to Kenny.

"You need to rest." Mike said to Rebecca, walking with her over to the bench. Nick kept an eye on Clem and Kenny, making sure he didn't do anything crazy. Luke told me to back off, but he didn't keep his eyes off the two of them.

"Hi, Kenny." Clem said, awkwardly. She moved her hand over to her elbow, gripping it.

"You think I don't know what y'all are whispering about over there? What's wrong with Kenny? Why's Kenny acting this way? Do you think Kenny's okay?" Kenny growled, his face about to blow up with anger.

"It's all I hear from anyone anymore." Kenny said.

"I'm just worried about you." Clem said, raising her arms a bit.

"Worried, huh? Well that's nice of you, since this was your fault in the first place." Kenny retorted.

"There was NOTHING I could do." Clem said, easing with caution.

"Seeing what happened, I would have preferred you do nothing." Kenny retorted. This wasn't exactly a surprise to her, she saw Kenny acting like this back when he lost his family. Duck, Katjaa, now Sarita. Clementine knew this wasn't her fault, but she felt guilty.

"I tried to save her!" Clementine cried. She didn't blame Kenny, he's lost so much. That's when Kenny went off, and it scared Clementine.

"You think just because you're a little girl, you can get people killed and nobody will care? Just because you're 'sorry' it'll all magically go away!? That's not how it WORKS!" Kenny yelled. That's when Nick ran over then.

"You need to calm down, Kenny. It's not her fucking fault." Nick growled, he looked to Clementine. She shook her head.

"Nick, back off, man!" Luke called to him. Nick crossed his arms as Kenny gave him a deadly stare.

"You're upset, looking for someone to blame. When I lost my Uncle Pete, that was me too! I wanted to die! But you can't blame Clementine. She tried to fucking save your girlfriend! It was the only way she could have survived! If she didn't have done what she did, she would have DIED ANYWAYS! SO FUCKING LAY OFF!" Nick realized he went to far. Kenny got up, throwing the gun to the ground. He faced Nick, and ran towards him, tackling him towards the wall.

"Kenny!" Clementine cried out, running towards the two of them.

"Oh shit! Kenny!" Mike yelled, running over there to break it up. Mike reached the two of them, but Kenny let loose of Nick for a second, and then Kenny kicked Mike in the stomach, and he fell back. Nick grabbed Kenny's arm, and he pushed him down to the ground. Mike got back up and pinned Kenny down with Nick's help. Kenny tried to kick free a few times, and he finally succeeded. Nick fell back, and Kenny broke free of Mike and punched Nick in the face about three times.

"KENNY!" Clementine yelled, cocking the gun that Kenny had before, pointing it towards him. Kenny stood in a punching position for a minute, then turned around and got up.

"Put the gun down, Clem." Kenny growled. Clementine backed up a bit, still pointing the gun at him. Kenny rolled his eyes, or in his case, eye and just walked off into his tent. Clementine lowered the gun, tears dripping from his eye.

"You alright?" Mike asked, pulling Nick up from the ground.

"Yeah, it was my own damn fault." Nick groaned, wiping his nose from blood.

"I –uh, I'm sor-" Nick began to say to Clem, but she just slapped him. She walked away, crying. Nick coughed and sighed and walked back over to the rest of the group.

"He's lost it. He can't stay here." Bonnie said to Nick.

"He's just fucking upset. That was my own damn fault." Nick replied to Bonnie, sitting down on the bench next to Rebecca. Jane, Eddie, and Luke sat on the bench, and sat there, not saying a word.

"Keep an eye on him. Me and Clem are going to go check out that Observation Deck." Jane said, walking off to where Clem headed. Nick crossed his arms as Mike and Bonnie got up.

"We're going to head to the Museum. Figured we can scout that place out." Mike said.

"Take this. You are pretty effective, unlike me." Nick said, pulling out his hammer and handing it to Mike. Mike chuckled and nodded and walked off with Bonnie.

"I think I'm going to go check on Sarah." Nick said, looking over to Sarah who was pulling her knees against her chest. He had to find someway to face her father's death. She had to pull herself together. She had to.

Chapter 4 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter IV: Fuck All The Sheep

"You know that joke about the two hillbillies and all the sheep?" Jane asked, the two of them were trying to pick a lock to get inside the interior of the observation deck, the two of them had agreed that it would be a good place for Rebecca to have her baby. Clementine shrugged at her question, she never had heard anything about that.

"It's a good one. This father and son are walking through the country, and climb a hill. And down below them, they see a field full of sheep. And the son gets all excited and says: Let's run over there and fuck one of them sheep! The father looks at him and shakes his head, and is disappointed in him. The father says, That's just wrong. The son hangs his head, and the father says, Let's walk down there and fuck ALL of those sheep. " Jane laughed as she finished her joke, and looked at Clementine, "You get it?" Jane asked. Clementine raises her eyebrow.

"No…" Clementine said, a bit weirded out by the joke. She was an eleven year old girl, she didn't know what it meant.

"Heh, I didn't think you would. Oh well, it doesn't matter." Jane chuckled again as she continued to pick the lock to open the Observation Deck.

"Shit!" Jane muttered, Clementine looked back.

"You okay?" She asked. Jane looked back and nodded her head, and went back to picking the lock.

"Hey, Sarah." Nick said, greeting her with a nervous expression. Sarah didn't reply. Nick kneeled down to her, which she had pulled her knees into her chest. She did that a lot. Nick partly blamed Carlos for sheltering her for far too long, but he wasn't mad at him about it. She needed to know the real threat. What was really going on.

"Look, I was hoping we could talk for a minute. Are you up for that?" Nick asked, Sarah looked up to him, and didn't reply.

"I know what you're going through. When I lost my mom, I didn't know what to do with myself. Part of me wanted to live in the past, pretending I was talking to her. I knew she wasn't really there, cause she was dead. I know that. I tried not to think about her." Nick sighed, remembering the walker taking a bite of his mom's neck, and feasting on her.

"I'll be alright, honey. Don't…" Nick's mother said, his voice was hoarse.

"Please…don't give up…" Nick's mother said after a few seconds of silence, and lost consciousness. Nick held her in his arms, sobbing as he lay his head down to her chest.

"Mom…" Nick sobbed, hugging her tightly. Luke, Carlos, Rebecca, and Pete were standing around Nick and his mother.

"Sarah, stay inside." Carlos said, shutting the door so Sarah couldn't see what was happening outside the cabin.

"No, Janet.." Pete cried, kneeling down to her lifeless body. The man that they had sheltered for the time being was bitten, and they were hoping they could contain him and possibly save him, but they were dumb to think they could change that. The man had changed into a walker and bit his mother. Luke yelled in anger as he sliced the walker's head open with his machete. Luke dropped his bloody machete, and hid his eyes with his hands.

"Nick, man… We gotta.." Luke said, with his empty voice. Nick pushed Luke back, while holding onto his mother's dead body.

"Go away." Nick muttered. Luke sighed and walked away, and Rebecca, and Carlos walked away with him. Pete stood there, looking down to his sister's body.

"Then I lost Uncle Pete. I wanted to die. I was reckless. I killed the man on the bridge because I was fucking reckless. I can't be reckless, not anymore. I need to stand up for myself, fight the fight. Remember that you aren't alone in this world, even if the people that raised you, are dead. You can't do a damn thing about it in this world. You just gotta… find something to fight for." Nick said, hoping to get a reply out of Sarah this time.

"What are you fighting for?" Sarah asked. Nick gave her question a big deal of thought. What did he fight for? What did he want to survive for? Was it just because he was afraid to die? Was it because of Uncle Pete?

"The two people who actually seem like family to me. You and Clementine." Nick confessed.

Chapter 5 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones Chapter V: Sayonara, Hiawatha

Day 41 about 11:18PM "Shit, shit, shit!" Eddie panted as he kept running with the pistol in his head. I can't believe he left me! Eddie thought. But it did sound like Wyatt was in trouble, maybe he HAD to drive off. Still, he was pretty pissed about it. He heard another car coming his way.

"Shit." Eddie said, still panting. He dived into the woods, ducking down to wait for the truck to pass by. Eddie couldn't make out the color because it was so dark and foggy. He looked next to him and saw a rotten corpse right next to him, and it smelled horrible. Eddie tried to stay quiet as the truck slowly drove by, and it seemed that he was looking for him. He peeked up a bit to see who was driving, but he couldn't see. And fortunately, Eddie wasn't spotted by the man in the truck. He then drove off quite fast. He slowly got up, looking at the road where the man had drove off, and he still couldn't see anything. Eddie took a breath, and then ran off into the woods.

Day 42, about 5:18AM

Eddie walked, holding his side.

"Damn it." Eddie said, looking like he was about to pass out from exhaustion. He was walking for five hours. He sat down for a few minutes. Luckily, he was an open area where he could collect his thoughts peacefully and keep out for walkers. He thought about Wyatt. Why would his best friend leave him like that? It sounded like you were in trouble, Wyatt. Is that why you left? Cause I would have done the same thing.Eddie thought to himself.

"Ponga sus manos en alto, imbécil!" A voice called out. Eddie jumped up and looked around.

"No me hagas ir hasta allí y arranco tus miembros uno por uno!" The voice called out again. Eddie noticed the man spoke Spanish. He only took Spanish for two years in Junior High, but he'll give it a shot.

"Hey amigo! No me refiero a ningún daño!" Eddie said. (Hey friend! I don't mean any harm!)

"Yo no estoy tan seguro de eso, hijo de puta. Ven adentro ahora mismo, o de lo contrario algo malo va a pasar a ti." The man spoke. Eddie tried to get a glimpse of how he looked. He looked to be Mexican.

"Hablas Ingles?" Eddie asked.

"Not very well." The mexican spoke, holding a AK47, walking fastly towards him. He cocked the gun and Eddie raised his hands up.

"I. I am amigo." Eddie said, enuneciating.

"Vete a la mierda, Americano. Yo no te conozco, y tienes que salir de mi propiedad." The mexican said, and he nodded him towards the small church he had in the distance.

"Es que su iglesia?" Eddie asked. (Is that your church?)

"Si. Now, c'mon, Americano." The mexican ordered. Eddie walked forward, sighing. He didn't understand most of the words the mexican had said. The mexican poked Eddie's back with his heavy machine gun. (Yes, Now, come on, American.)

"Easy, man." Eddie groaned.

"Puesto que usted no me puede entender, así que me estoy aprovechando de eso. Voy tomar sus cosas. Es curioso, porque es como hablar en mi propia mente! Puedo decir lo que quiero sin entender. Increíble." The mexican man kept talking.

"I can't hear anything you say, dude. Jesus." Eddie sighed.

"Entra en." (Get inside) The man said, pointing to the inside of the church. Eddie slowly nodded and opened the big doors to the church, walking inside. It had sturdy walls, and the type of chairs that were usually in all the churches.

"Usted no sabe nada de Inglés?" (You don't know any English?) Eddie asked.

"Vete a la mierda." (Fuck off.) The mexican retorted, and he motioned for Eddie to sit down.

"Ki ez? Jorge, akkor nem kellene, hogy minden ember van itt. Tudod, hogyan érzek ezzel kapcsolatban." Another man came out and said, he looked like an indian to Eddie. One of those Indians that were apart of the Iroquois. He wasn't speaking spanish, Eddie knew that for sure.

"Does anyone in here speak ENGLISH!?" Eddie asked, yelling a bit in frustration.

"Yes. Hold on, now. I need to speak with my colleague." The second man said.

"Baszd meg, Tom. Ez az én dolgom." The mexican man said. Apparently he spoke two languages. If Eddie had to take a guess, he'd guess Hungarian. He signed up for a World Language class in his four years of College. He had taken Hungarian for two weeks, so it had to be Hungarian, it sounded just like it.

"Hé srácok, én nem ... uh .." (Hey guys, I don't - uh...) Eddie started to say, but he couldn't really figure out what to say to form a sentence. The two men looked to him, but then looked back to each other.

"Megmentettelek, Jorge. Azt teszed, amit mondok. Csak bukkant ránk, úgy néz ki, mint a. Engedje el." The second man said, crossing his arms.

"Mi nem tehetjük! Tudja, hol vagyunk! Lehet, hogy valaki mással!" The mexican man argued. Eddie seemed to have caught his name in the language they were speaking.

"Jorge?" Eddie asked. Jorge looked to him and raised his eyebrow.

"Tudja a nevem! Lásd! Ő veszélyes!" Jorge turned back to the second man.

"Azt mondtam ki hangosan, Jorge. Most hadd menjen. MOST." The second man ordered. Jorge sighed and walked over to Eddie and grabbed him by the arm and threw him forward.

"I'm sorry about that, kid. Jorge can be rather abrasive at times. He thought you were apart of a group we once were apart of." The second man said, placing his hand on Eddie's shoulder.

"It's fine. How come you speak english, and the other guy doesn't?" Eddie asked.

"I'm Thomas, or Tom. I'm from Hungary. He's from Mexico. The two of us ran into each other and we found this church and survived here since the start. I taught him to speak Hungarian, because that is my native language. I came here in the US about three years ago, hoping to find a change of scenery. Sadly, all I've seen is bunch of racist pricks thinking I'm from the Iroquois tribe." Thomas explained. Eddie felt embarrassed after thinking he was from the Iroquois.

"I'm trying to teach Jorge English, but he's a slow learner with English."

"Well, uh. Can I go?" Eddie asked. Thomas shrugged and then nodded.

"Yes, I'm sorry for everything that's happened." Thomas said, smiling.

"Alright. Sayonara, Hiawatha." Eddie chuckled as he walked out the church doors. Thomas chuckled but Eddie couldn't hear him.

"Actually, uh... do you think I could sleep here? I haven't slept at all." Eddie asked.

"Why not?" Thomas smiled.

Chapter 6 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter VI: The Price of Sanctuary

Nick patted Sarah on the shoulder, with a smile. Then he walked away. The teenage girl smiled at what he said, and hopefully that had risen a little bit of hope inside her broken soul. Nick looked at the sign of the Museum. It seemed to focus strictly on Civil War. He noticed Eddie was chatting it up with Rebecca over by the bench.

"And I'm like - DAMN! It just fell apart, of course I didn't have anything to do with it, just so you know. I do miss that church. And Thomas, and Jorge." Eddie chuckled, remembering something about his past. The laugh quickly turned into a frown.

Day 382, about 1:32 PM

"All you have to do is put the damn thing down! It's not hard, Jesus!" Eddie groaned, running his fingers through his hair.

"I'm tryin'!" Jorge groaned, he had learned to speak fluent English, or at least close to fluent just recently. With Eddie being the extra help, he learned English faster than usual. Jorge was carrying a huge box, which they had just discovered at a nearby Ranger Station. Jorge rested the box onto the ground, and then was handed a box-cutter. He flicked it so the blade stuck out then he ripped through the tape that sealed the box.

"Is there a phone number on it? Maybe we can call UPS to send us a care package." Eddie chuckled, while he opened the box and there was a huge amount of food, and about two pistols.

"Well, it's somethin'. We were running low, and now we got food and a fuckin' gun. Thomas and Stef will be happy to hear about this." Jorge smiled.

"Where the hell are they anyway?" Eddie said, walking out the church door, looking around.

"EDDIE! THERE'S SOMETHIN' IN HERE!" Jorge yelled, and Eddie quickly looked back once he said that. They looked at each other for a quick second.

"Wha-?" Eddie started, but was interrupted when the church exploded, Eddie flew back at impact, as the church engulfed into flames. He saw nothing but flames as the church collapsed. Eddie couldn't believe what just happened. One of his friends that he had been with for almost a year now, had just blown up right in front of him. He fucking knew it. The second he saw that package he had to know that something was up with that. But he took it anyways. And now Jorge was dead. He didn't want to move, hell he couldn't really move. His leg hurt like hell, maybe he was burned. It's a miracle that he survived. He was only about 10 or 15 feet away from the church.

"God...FUCK!" Eddie groaned as he got up, his back popped as he tried to move out of the way of the church. He looked to the left of him and saw a figure of some kind, and soon that figure multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied.

I gotta get the hell out of Dodge. Eddie thought.

Eddie panted heavily as he started running towards the open area, since that's where Stef and Thomas has gone once they went out to gather some food for the feast they had planned tonight. Sadly, there wasn't going to be one at that church. Maybe they could set it up somewhere else, but with over 60% of their food and equipment gone, they might not be able to risk it. He just had to figure out how he was going to tell Thomas and Stef about Jorge's death.

Present Day

Nick decided to walk over to the two of them.

"So wait... It just randomly exploded?" Rebecca asked, scratching her head. Eddie nodded, frowning a bit.

"It had something in it, I think. I dunno.." Eddie said.

"I'm sorry. That's tough." Rebecca patted her hand on his shoulder. She then groaned once she did that.

"You alright, Rebecca?" Nick asked.

"I'm - FINE! Don't worry about me." Rebecca said, panting a few times, trying to get some air.

"Why don't you and me take a walk for a second." Nick said to Eddie, who nodded and got up and followed him over to the entrance of Parker's Run, Nick laid back and looked over to Luke walking back to the Observation Deck that Clem and Jane had went over to, he remembered the last time he talked to Clem, which was about maybe 15 minutes ago, she had slapped him for standing up to Kenny like that. He felt like he deserved since he brought it upon herself, but it drove him mad when he was just yelling at her like that.

"Something wrong?" Eddie asked.

"I need to know if I can trust you, if the group can." Nick said, groaning at his shoulder wound which didn't feel as bad as it used to.

"Uh - Yeah, I mean.. why are you asking me that?" Eddie asked. Nick crossed his arms and gave him a glare.

"We're survivors. It's just necessary to ask those questions. I still don't know a damn thing about you." Nick replied.

"Sure. I guess, uh... What do you wanna know?" Eddie asked, crossing his arms.

"How long were you surviving alone in that trailer?" Nick asked.

Day 383 2:38 AM

Shit, shit, shit! Eddie thought. He had to keep running. There was no stopping him. He was too afraid to get eaten. He hadn't survived this long to die here. No fucking way. Strangely, he thought of Wyatt's crazy ass beard and the time when they had run over a dead guy. That's the day that crazy fucker in the truck had gotten them split up.

"THOMAS! STEF!" Eddie yelled as he spotted two figures in the woods.

"EDDIE!" Thomas yelled back. The three of them ran towards each other.

"Guys...the church is - gone.." Eddie sighed. They had just recently welcomed Stef just two months ago, she had black medium length hair, and had a white shirt and blue pants. She didn't really change clothes that often. Hell, who really did anyways? She

"WHAT - WHAT do you mean GONE?" Thomas asked, and his face began to light up.

"Me and Jorge picked up a box from a Ranger Station, and it had a label on it saying 'Free stuff. Food, guns, medicine.' and once we opened it, it had a device or something and the church exploded. Jorge - didn't make it..." Eddie frowned. Thomas looked to the ground, a tear falling down his eye. He then placed his fingers around his hair, and looked like he was about to yank it out. He then lowered one hand a little bit, and inched toward his holster, he then quickly grabbed the gun and as soon as Eddie saw that he figured out what he was going to do. Eddie tried to knock him over, as an attempt to save his life but it was too late. Thomas had pointed the gun up to his head and fired. Blood spattered out of the right of his head. Stef gasped.

"NO!" Eddie screamed.

"Oh my god..." Stef said, backing up, covering her mouth as if she was about to puke.

"WHY!?" Eddie yelled as he fell to his knees, sighing heavily. He just lost two of his friends in one day.

"Damn it. We've gotta go." Stef said, holding out her hand. Eddie nodded, and the two of them ran off before the walkers could reach them.

Day 593, about 2:36 PM

"Just flip it. It's not hard." Eddie chuckled. The two of them had found a small cafeteria which was surprisingly stocked, they had finally caught a break after traveling on the road for almost half a year. The two of them had grown closer, they had thought of each other as a 'couple' it was even weirder for Eddie considering he never had a girlfriend before. He was just a weird dude who smoked weed. People change, he thought.

"I'm trying! Jesus!" Stef exclaimed. Eddie laughed as he looked out the window and spotted a place called 'Sunshine Mobile Home Trailer Park'

"I've always wanted to live in a trailer park." Eddie joked, crossing his arms.

"Fuck no. We're not doing that." Stef shook her head.

"C'mon, we'll bring food over there. We'll come back if we need more." Eddie said.

"Alright fine. This place doesn't even have any beds, so that's fine with me." Stef replied.

"Beds, huh? Eddie chuckled. If there was a dirty joke said, it would usually be Eddie who said it.

Present Day

"I had someone with me. A girl. Named Stef." Eddie's expression turn into a frown and Nick guessed that she didn't make it.

"I'm sorry." Nick replied.

Nick noticed Clem walking into the Parker's Run area.

"Excuse me." Nick said, and Eddie shrugged and Nick ran over to Clementine.

"Hey, Clem. Uh.." Nick scratched the back of his head thinking of apologizing to her.

"That was kinda stupid what you did." Clem said, crossing her arms.

"I know, Clem. I know. But you didn't deserve that. You tried to save her life. That counts as something." Nick said.

"It was still pretty stupid." Clem said, after a few seconds of silence. Nick chuckled. He then nodded, and looked to Clem.

"I just want you to know, Clem. I'm here. For anything. We've come a long way, huh?" Nick asked. Clementine smiled. She remembered when she first met the cabin group when she had a bite mark on her arm. They all thought she was bitten by a lurker, but it was a dog. Clem felt bad about stealing, but it was the only way she could have survived.

"Thanks, Nick. And... we sure have." Clem said as she looked over to Sarah who was still in the same spot, and same position. The weird thing was: She didn't even look sad that much, something about her seemed happier, but she couldn't tell. She looked over to the museum sign. Mike & Bonnie went that way.

"Why didn't you save Pete instead of me? I just - gotta ask. I know I asked you before back at that shed...but I need to know."

"I.. I don't know.." Clem said. Nick stood there for a second, and shook his head.

"Nevermind. Uh..I figured we could go over to the Museum and help Mike & Bonnie, you alright with that?" Nick asked. Clem nodded. The two of them walked to the museum.

Chapter 7 Edit

Always the Quiet Ones

Chapter 7: History Lesson

Nick and Clem had about a few more blocks to reach the Museum.

"So how are you doing with all the stuff that's going on?" Nick asked. Clem shrugged. Rebecca with her baby, Kenny after he lost Sarita.

"It's bad." Clementine replied. Nick looked towards her.

"Well, I can't really blame Kenny. And sure as hell can't blame Rebecca. I mean she did let herself get pregnant but-" Nick stopped when Clem was giving him a glare.

"Yeah, I guess that isn't fair." Nick smirked.

"Oh, look at that!" Nick pointed towards a deer that was walking around in the woods. Clementine squinted her eyes to see the deer.

"I haven't really been that good with hunting deer. You ever went hunting before?" Nick asked.

"No. I do know how to shoot a gun, though." Clementine replied.

"Oh, that I know. I'm kind of wondering how you were before all this started." Nick chuckled. That thought hit her, at how much she changed during the two years. She remembered her parents, Lee.

"I – uh, I didn't mean –" Nick said, referencing to his silence.

"Don't be. It's fine. Let's just get to the museum." Clementine said as she faced towards the walkway to the Museum. Nick nodded, the two of them were walking in an awkward silence. They saw a sign that saidParker's Run Museum. Just a few more minutes of your feet.

"I guess they didn't want to be serious with this sign." Nick raised his eyebrow.

"No kidding." Clem laughed.

"So, uh.. who taught you how to shoot?" Nick asked, as they kept walking.

"My friend Lee. He helped me do a lot of things, helped me learn how to survive." Clem said.

"Oh yeah, you did mention him. Sounds like a great guy. So wait was that the person you were split up when Pete and Luke brought you to the cabin?" Nick asked. Clem sighed.

"No. I.. I had to shoot Lee. My friend was Christa." Clementine said. She wished she didn't have to think about them. But he was just curious.

"Dammit, I'm sorry. I – I just wanted to learn more about you. I'm horrible at this." Nick sighed.

"It's – It's fine, Nick. Don't worry about it." Clementine said.

"Well, you're a pretty strong kid, y'know that Clem?" Nick smiled.

"So I've heard." Clementine smiled back. The two of them had become really good friends. Back when the two of them first met, he had almost shot Clementine.

"Thanks for the watch. I didn't really have anything left of Pete. But – did you steal it when you stole the medical supplies?" Nick had to ask. Nick didn't really like what she did at first, but he realized he would have done the same thing.

If you had the balls for it. Pete's voice popped into his head.

"Yeah. I did. I'm sorry." Clementine said.

"Sorry? If you hadn't taken it from my room, then I would have nothing left of my Uncle Pete. Thank you."

I'm right here, kid.

"Ah, here we are." Nick smiled as he looked at the entrance to the Parker's Run Museum. Nick saw Mike standing by a shutter, searching the box that was right by it. Bonnie was looking around by the cannons.

"Hey Nick. Hey Clem." Mike greeted the two of them.

"Hey. Any progress?" Nick asked.

"Not much. We're still looking around. You mind helping out?" Bonnie asked.

"Well, that's kind of what we came here for." Nick smiled to Clem.

"Nick, I could use your help over here." Mike said. Clem walked over to Bonnie. Mike was a nice guy, he always seemed to be a good ally to the group. Not many people were like that.

"I'm worried about Kenny, and Y'know, I don't think that was necessary, what you did." Mike said.

"Yeah, I've heard that from pretty much everyone. I couldn't watch Kenny just yell at her like that. That was uncalled for." Nick replied, looking to his shoulder wound. It seemed to have dried up, and his shoulder didn't even feel sore. That was fast.

"Yeah. I guess so. You should go apologize to him." Mike said, searching throw the small box that was right by the shutter.

"Y'know, why don't you pull up that shutter?" Nick asked. It didn't look like there was a padlock on it, so why not just open the damn thing?

"I was gettin' around to that." Mike smiled, he grabbed a small role of tape, which had a few tears on the edges.

"Need some tape?" Mike asked.

"Next time my Lego toys break, I'll give you a call." Nick smirked. Nick thought about what he knew about Mike. There wasn't much to know about him, since it was just the two of them, he figured he might as well talk to him.

"So, uh... I don't really know much about you, Mike. What were you doing before Carver's?" Nick asked. Mike stopped looking through the boxes, facing Nick and crossing his arms. Obviously everyone had plenty of adventures considering it was over two years since the start of the apocalypse. Nick know he did, with Pete, with Luke. With Carlos, Rebecca, everyone.

"Must have been a few animals around here." Nick heard Bonnie say, looking at some of the Civil War statues.

"Well, I was with a group of about eight for the first six months of the apocalypse. We were at a small abandoned church. It wasn't a horrible setup, we had food; but that wasn't enough. We were attacked by a bunch of bandits, they killed all but two of our group. I made it out with another man. It was just us left, and we had nowhere to go. The bandits had burned down the church. We survived just the two of us for just about another three months. The man I was with, George. He wasn't the same man after we lost the church. He lost his brother and sister, and we both lost our close friends. It was about nine months in, and we ran into a man called Steve. He was in charge of Howe's Hardware. We were there for about a year. That's when everything fell apart. Steve was killed when some random group had attacked. They took out alot of our numbers, but we eventually took them all out. That's when I killed my first human being. I hated it, but I realize it's what I had to do. Since Steve was dead, the next in line was William Carver. He took control, and everything just went to shit. You know the next few parts. Everyone was afraid of him, except for me, Jane, and a few other friends that Tavia brought a few months after I arrived. The other friends didn't want to come with us on the escape." Mike explained.

"You weren't there when we first escaped. It was only seven months ago.." Nick said, trying to remember if he knew Mike. There was a lot of people at Carver's, but it wasn't exactly fully packed. Nick would have seen Mike if he was there.

"I went on runs alot. I remember when I was gone for a whole three weeks because I had to walk to a whole other city. That city was surrounded by walkers. I'm not sure. I never saw you guys either." Mike replied.

"Ah, I see. Well, Mike. I just wanted to get to know you a little better. Shall we open the shutter?" Nick asked. Mike nodded as he reached the bar of the shutter, pushing it up. He couldn't push it up that far.

"Hmm. Damn it. It won't budge." Mike sighed as he tried harder to push it.

"Maybe you should put your hand through it and reached for the lock?" Nick suggested. Mike nodded, and was about to when stopped by Clem and Bonnie.

"Clem, you could probably fit in there?" Bonnie suggested.

"Why do I have to do everything?" Clementine sighed.

That's exactly what I was thinkin' Nick said.

You're thinkin', boy? That's a first. Pete's voice returned.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Here, I'll do it." Bonnie said.

"No, it's fine. I - nothing." Clem said as she leaned up against the counter, sticking her legs out as she reached her hand inside the small room, she spotted two gallons of water.

"Will you look at that?" Mike chuckled.

"Ugh. I'm stuck." Clementine groaned. She couldn't reach the lock, and the shutter was touching her back. It was cold feeling, which was weird considering she had the jacket on. She heard a low raspy breath, when suddenly something grabbed her arm. It was a walker. Once it had reached up to Clementine, it pulled her in.

"Shit!" Nick yelled as he kicked the door. The walker made a chomping noise as Clem's wrist was getting closer and closer to the walker's teeth. Clementine yelled for help, and she thought it was over for her. Mike and Nick had kicked open the door together, and then Nick had tackled the walker down. The walker and Nick scuffled a bit. The walker liked to make threatening chomping noises right before he would bite. The walker was leaning in to bite Nick's neck out, when Nick kicked the crotch of the walker, and it flew off of him, falling against the wall. Nick got up and Mike tossed him the hammer. Nick grabbed it, smashing the sharp side of the hammer into the skull of the walker. He smashed the walker's head multiple times. Once he was done, he yanked the hammer out of the walker's eye, which some traces of walker blood was still left on the tip of the hammer. Nick's shirt was covered in blood.

"Well, that happened." Mike sighed.

"Look at what we got. Nick, you mind carrying one, and I'll get the other?" Mike said, lifting a gallon of water. Nick nodded as he reached to grab the other gallon of water.

"Thanks, Nick." Clementine sighed in relief.

"Don't mention it." Nick smiled. He felt he had hit the walker a little more than he should have, but it didn't matter. It was dead now. At least Clem was safe.

Chapter 8 Edit

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