Among The Carnage (Episode)
Season One, Episode Four
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Written By Ghost Hunter
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"Among The Carnage", also known as "Episode 4" is the fourth episode of Ghost Hunter's Divided World. 

Plot SynopsisEdit

Among The CarnageEdit

Nathaniel and his group forces an ultimatum on Clay. He gives him the choice to either finally give up his position of power or fight. But regardless of his choice, civil war is inevitable. The leadership choices Clay had made up to this point does affect who sides with him. A fierce fire fight plays out as many people on both sides are killed, Nathaniel and Clay have a showdown on the bell tower, Clay wins the fight, with Nathaniel gravely injured with broken bones and bleeding badly.

Clay tells him to stop, Nathaniel taunts him and stabbs Clay, but Clay manages to get the upper hand, when he counters Nathaniel's second attack and stabs him, which fatally wounds Nathaniel, which causes him to fall off the Bell Tower and falls to his death.

Welton is partly damaged from this battle and it is at this point, the people of the community realize that there may be no way to rebuild.

Main CharactersEdit



  • Last appearance of Nathaniel Paul.
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