Annie Moore
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Age:
Occupation Inventory Control Apprentice
Family Biological:
  • Ron Moore (Father, Deceased)
  • Unknown Moore (Mother, Deceased)


  • Wyatt Kaufmann (Guardian)
  • Vince Sung (Guardian)
  • Becca Williams (Foster Sister)
  • Maya Newport (Foster Mother/Guardian)
First Appearance Into The Fray
Last Appearance A Final Stand
Status Alive
Series lifespan Into The Fray to A Final Stand
Ethnicity Caucasian-American (1/4 French)
Episode Count 15
Annie is an original character from Into The Fray Season One, Season Two and Season Three. She is originally a supporting character who drives Wyatt forward but becomes a point-of-view character alongside him in Season Two and Season Three.

She was born to Ron Moore and her mother, who is unidentified. Her home life was terrible, with her drunken father not being able to control his anger, therefore taking it out on her.

She was originally a member of Carver's Community at Howe's Hardware but was forced to escape with Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Russell, Becca, Miles and Laura.


Annie is docile, humble and gentle, traits which were lost by most at the inception of the apocalypse. Despite this Annie still retains her childlike wonder but the dangers of walkers and humans alike. However, she is fairly inept in terms of combat and does not fare well looking after herself, instead relying on Wyatt, among other group members, to secure her safety.

As the seasons progress Annie becomes more threat-aware but still lacks the physical strength to deal with walkers in hand-to-hand combat.


Not much is known of Annie's past other than that she had a cruel father who smoked and occasionally beat or burned her if she got on his nerves.

It is revealed in A Final Stand (S3CH57) that Annie's mother died in labour. The baby was named Anais after its grandmother (who was of French descent), but adopted the name Annie as she could not pronounce or spell Anais as she grew older. In 'killing' her mother, Annie became hated by her father which led to the physical abuse which left her with burned and scarred forearms, affecting her personality and making her distrustful. Annie was constantly reminded what she 'did' to her mother but later repressed the memories.


On day one of the apocalypse, Annie's father sent her to the neighbor's house as he was having an ill friend over for drinks - little did Ron Moore know that his friend had been bitten and had contracted the virus that made him turn. When Annie's neighbors became concerned about the time, thinking she should have returned home, they took her back and found Ron Moore dead or undead.

Annie spent a while with her neighbors and their children, but they slowly died off. In A Final Stand, it is revealed that the mother of the neighbors was the last survivor and committed suicide, but Annie was picked up by Tavia who took her to Howe's Hardware, Carver's camp.

Into The Fray

Into The Fray

When the camp was overrun Annie was cornered and subsequently rescued by her future guardian, Wyatt. She escaped with Wyatt, Vince, Shel, Becca, Russell, Miles and Laura, the last of whom was killed by an undead Carlos.

Lost In Transit

She later spent time living with the group at Marshall's house. When they investigated an odd thumping noise, Annie stayed downstairs with Wyatt to keep lookout for Marshall. When his secret was exposed the group fled him and got split up, leaving Annie with Wyatt. Once the two were sure they were clear they camped in an abandoned car for the night.

The Enemy Within

In the morning, Wyatt found the bodies of Marshall and Shel and they were united with Russell and Ralph, the latter of whom left to find Vince, Miles and Becca.

A week later the group travelled north and found the Eastland Mall in Indiana. They met Daniel and Lucia, and took their weapons from them until they could trust the two. Wyatt attempted to give Annie a new jacket and take her old one off but she did not let him until he told her she could trust him to keep whatever it was she was hiding a secret. Annie revealed the injuries her father had inflicted on her in the pre-apocalypse. Later she witnessed one of the group shoot a bandit that was holding Daniel and Lucia at gunpoint. The gunshot alerted walkers and she escaped with Wyatt, Russell, Daniel, Lucia and Ralph, the last of whom was killed in the escape.

Blood Runs Cold

Annie and her half of the group made their way to Indiana, meeting Miles, Vince and an injured Becca along the way. The group was captured by Ivan's crew and they were tortured. Ivan held a gun to the back of Annie's head, causing Miles to give in and divert attention from her, buying the rest of the group time and eventually lying by saying it was he who killed the bandit, leading to his execution.

Annie escaped with Wyatt, Vince and Becca. 

Nowhere To Run

On the way to the Outpost Annie finds Daniel's hat and the group narrowly avoids Ivan's bandits. They find Daniel and find that his stomach has been haphazardly sewn up from a stomach wound Ivan gave him. Daniel gives Annie his hat, putting on her hat and then twisting it so it's on backwards, insisting it looks cooler. They leave to find Lucia, who holds them at gunpoint, until Becca talks her down, relating Lucia's situation to her own with Shel. They go inside to help Daniel and find medical equipment but while they search he passes away. Wyatt is attacked by Daniel's undead corpse and Becca has to put him down to save Wyatt.

They leave Lucia to grieve and encounter a herd, and Becca suggests using Ralph's smoke-screen technique to hide their 'human' smell and pass through the herd undetected by walkers.

They look for Russell, but are unsuccessful in finding him. On their return to the Outpost, Becca and the rest find evidence that Lucia killed some walkers, but was bitten, only to escape and probably die later on.

The group is found by Ivan and his crew and the final battle begins. Becca and Annie take on Brandon. The bandit gives Becca concussion and she cannot get up while he attacks Annie. Annie evades Brandon for a short time until he tackles her to the ground. As he pins her down Becca gets behind him and slits his throat, unintentionally referring to Annie as her sister. They hug it out and leave to find the others.

Into The Fray: Season Two


The initial Annie teaser for Season Two

Before the events of Season Two, Vince, Wyatt, Annie and Becca searched numerous settlements in an attempt to find sanctuary, only for the settlements to be full or destroyed.

State Of Decay

Annie is waiting in the truck for Vince and Wyatt. After Becca decides they're taking too long they venture into the museum and they run into walkers. Becca and Annie back up but Vince and Wyatt appear and the former attacks the walkers while the latter helps Annie into the truck. Becca provides cover fire but shoots Vince in the shoulder by accident. They climb in the truck and escape.

The group stops at a gas station to refuel, where they are captured by strangers. The strangers bring them in and one of them goes to get the rest of the group. A man named Sullivan appears, annoyed at what the group leader, Fuad, has done to Vince's group. The other group members, KiffEmily and Mitchell soon show up and the group decides to put the fate of Vince's group and their supplies to a vote. 

The group is accepted and Sully tries to help them settle in. The next morning Annie is with Wyatt who befriends Kiff. They are interrupted by Becca and Mitchell who tell them that Vince and Fuad are aiming weapons at each other. Wyatt, Sully, Kiff, Emily, Becca, Mitchell and Annie all run into the woods to see what is going on but they run into walkers on the way. Mitchell ditches the group and they have to fight their way through.

Annie ends up on her own after the group is split up. She sees Wyatt and he beckons her over to him but she has to choose between running to him or saving Sully who is being attacked by walkers.

Cloak And Dagger

Annie runs to Wyatt, fearing the consequences of what could happen if she tries to save Sully. Vince shows up in time to save Sully and they fight their way out of the herd with the rest of the group. The group recover while Sully searches for Mitchell. The group goes inside the convenience store and sees it is a mess. Sully blames it on Fuad and the two get in an argument, where Sully crosses the line and blames the death of Fuad's family on the man. 

Vince, Becca, Emily, Mitchell and Annie calm Sully down after the fight while Kiff and Wyatt talk to Fuad. Vince suggests that seeing as Sully's group can no longer stay at the gas station they should come to Fort Recovery with Becca, Wyatt, Annie and himself.

Annie's sleeping is interrupted the night before they leave. Fuad leaves some paper on a table and leaves, stealing the truck. Sully punches some glass and damages his fist in rage, causing Emily to ask Annie for help.

The morning after the group spots a school bus on the road which crashed at the inception of the apocalypse. They briefly look inside but the sight is horrible, prompting them to move on.

They find the truck but it's out of gas and Fuad has not left the keys behind. They decide to leave the vehicle as it has no use, to Wyatt's dismay. The group stops to rest in a park and Vince goes searching for supplies, bumping into a man named Bennett. After a cautious start, the duo talk. Bennett gives Vince some supplies and Vince invites him to join the group.

Bennett informs the group that Fort Recovery is no more and they opt to continue on in search of Fuad.

Annie and Em talk briefly and Sully tells the former that she reminds him of someone who used to be in his group. Vince tells the group that he has spotted a person or a walker which he believes to be Fuad.

Wyatt, Vince and Sully check it out. Sully advances on the figure and says it's fine, but Fuad grabs him around the neck and holds him at gunpoint. After some confusion Vince works out Fuad was bitten and that he doesn't want to die. Vince tells him he can put him out of his misery as it's his only option and Fuad agrees, only refrain from giving Vince the gun. Instead, he thanks the group for giving him courage and he kills himself.

Later Bennett sets up a fire in a nearby warehouse and the group rests. Sully, Vince and Wyatt discuss Fuad's death and Annie shows them a piece of paper. Wyatt doesn't read it and gives it to Vince, who works out that it is a note Fuad left before dying. It tells them that he was bitten before he left, prompting him to steal the truck in an effort to distance himself from the group before he turned.

In the morning three strangers named Silas, Hector and Sonja ride horses towards Vince and his group, swiftly taking out the walkers in the area. When they are safe, Silas proposes that the group comes to his settlement, Sanctum. Sully, Mitchell, Emily and Kiff agree immediately, but Bennett refuses and goes his own way. After giving the idea a lot of thought, Vince, Becca, Annie and Wyatt also agree to go on their own terms.

No Way Out

Annie heads to Sanctum with Becca, Vince, Wyatt, Sully, Emily, Kiff and Mitchell under the guidance of Silas. When they reach their destination Wyatt wants to enter immediately so that Annie will be safe. Annie is later assigned work tending the Horses with Wyatt and Hector.

During her induction meeting with Sanctum's leader,Director Adelaide Shaw, Wyatt is drugged and extracted to the hospital sector of Sanctum. She wakes up, however, and manages to attempt an escape with Becca, Wyatt, Vince, Emily and Kiff. They are caught by Shaw and the other Sanctum members who restrain him. Kiff attempts to free Annie and succeeds, but is executed by Silas briefly after.

Annie runs for a long time through the rain and the forest, bumping into another survivor who offers their help. The survivor reveals that they are named Bonnie.

Playing With Fire

Bonnie teaches Annie to fire a gun and they are surprised when a walkie-talkie is thrown to them from the undergrowth by a stranger. A voice speaks to them from the device and the man on the other end offers his help.

Annie and Bonnie journey to a farmhouse where the Radio Man has left them some gear. Bonnie gets an assault rifle and the two of them head for Sanctum to follow more of their new friend's orders. They break through the hole Annie previously escaped from and lead some walkers into Sanctum's compound before retreating back to the farmhouse.

Annie is later reunited with her friends, and to her surprise it is revealed that Bonnie was a guard from Howe's, who she did not recognise.

Tyler, Tessa and Lowell emerge, as do Sully, Mitchell and Emily. Vince informs the group Mitchell is bitten but Hector cuts him off with a radio transmission from Silas, who declares that Sanctum is coming for them.

Rest In Peace

Annie and the rest of the group decide to leave and search for the Eastland Mall in Indiana where they can set up a base. After stopping in a town to search for supplies, the group crosses a bridge and scales a hill, surrounded by woodland. Tyler and Hector get into a fight thanks to their differing ideas, and Bonnie resorts to shooting one of them. Before she can do so, Wyatt pushes the butt of her gun up and the bullets fly harmlessly into the air, but not before they have alerted many walkers from the trees. Vince tells everyone to run while he covers them with Hector's help.

Becca, Bonnie, Wyatt and Annie make it back to the town, and Bonnie says it's all her fault. She reveals that she was one of the conspirators behind the herd attacking Howes and Becca flips out, blaming the woman for Shel's death. When Vince, Sully, Emily, Lowell and Tessa arrive, Wyatt informs them.

The group find their way to a rooftop back in the small town from earlier and stop to rest and recuperate. Vince and Wyatt spot movement in an alleyway and find Tyler, who escaped on his own. Once the group is all together and Bonnie is awake they all set off to find their destination again, but are held up when all surviving members of Sanctum trap them and demand they give themselves to science so they can find a cure.

The group retaliates and induces battle. Wyatt makes sure he and Annie are hidden behind cover and tells her that he needs help. He just asks her to shoot randomly at Silas to give Lowell and Tessa time to escape their enemy. Eventually Wyatt asks for Bonnie's help to attack Sonja and another man, and they decide to circle around behind their enemies. In doing so, Wyatt knocks out another enemy and they make it around. While Wyatt deals with Sonja and the male enemy, a Sanctum member called Martin catches up to Annie and Bonnie, forcing them to flee.

As she makes her escape, Annie ducks into a building and witnesses Silas murdering Lowell. The former spies a herd passing over the town and flees between two buildings, running for his life and ditching the fight.

Annie escapes the building and spies Wyatt, but she is caught by another Sanctum member. Wyatt and Annie are held at gunpoint and their enemy knocks her over. Her gun falls out of her backpack and she stands up, firing at the Sanctum member. The man retaliates and shoots at Annie, but Wyatt takes the bullet for her. He collapses against a tree trunk, bleeding to death, but Annie insists that he will be okay. He passes her his glasses, spies Bonnie and yells for her help, watches the woman drag Annie away, kicking and screaming, and succumbs to his injury.

Annie and Bonnie catch up with Vince, the former crying at Wyatt's untimely death, and the man insists that they simply leave.

Season 3

Brave New World

Day 970

Vince and Annie, along with Bonnie, attempt to cope with the aftermath of the battle with Sanctum. Vince and Annie bond over their mutual losses and agree to continue travelling to the Eastland Mall.

Day 1057

Just under 100 days later, Vince, Annie and Bonnie are still searching for the mall. They briefly stop off and attempt to rest in a maintenance shed but are attacked by walkers. Annie attempts to shoot one of the walkers but is overcome by memories of Wyatt's death, causing her to freeze up and she is attacked by a walker. Vince saves her, however, and tries to comfort her. Soon enough the group venture into the shed and rest.

Day 1058

The group continues on the road until Annie spots a rabbit. They admire it for a moment until an arrow kills the creature. The Stranger reveals himself as Vince calms Annie down but he does not seem to notice the group. Annie recognises that he has an odd accent and the group decides to follow him. Eventually the stranger stops and forces the group to hide. Not wanting to pursue the charade any more, the group decides to go around the stranger and get ahead of him, hoping to make it to the Eastland Mall before he passes it.

Once they make it there, they think they are safe until a sniper on top of the roof yells at them. Vince tries to bargain with the foe until they realise that the first stranger is behind them too, and is part of the sniper's group.

Annie and Vince are assigned a room in the mall, which turns out to be a community which is quite stable, while Bonnie is taken to the sick bay to have her stomach issues checked out. Annie and Maya form a fast friendship and the latter suggests that the former accompanies her to work as the child wants to pull her weight.

Annie and Maya visit a community member named Gary. He is clearly depressed after the loss of his group and prefers to be left alone, but Maya is intent on helping him get back on his feet. After some convincing she gets him to come with her and Annie as they continue their rounds but the three of them are interrupted when Lyle and Donald appear with Vince captive, claiming he attacked Donald. After some arguments where a woman named Carla demands that Annie, Vince and Bonnie are kicked out of the mall, Maya and Lyle take Vince to the sick bay to get his head injury checked out, and Annie is left alone. One man says they should send Annie wherever they're taking Vince and almost drags her along but Gary intervenes and takes her that way instead.

Lyle and Maya question Vince about his intentions and Donald until Lucia arrives with Bonnie. She reveals that one of her arms was amputated below the elbow as she was bit at the Indianapolis Outpost. Luckily Donald managed to find her and save her in time (suggesting he once amputated his own group-mate, Robbie) and the two stuck together for a while even though they were sick of each other. As their relationship became less tense they made their way to the Eastland Mall and made a base there until Donald said he was going out to find more group members. Lucia thought he would not return but he did, with Anders in tow.

When Vince and Annie express their concern about their place (or lack thereof) in the mall, Lucia tells them not to worry and that enough people (Maya, Lyle, Anders, Gary, herself) would likely back them up. She insists that everything will be fine, and the episode ends.

Never Let Go

Day 1074

Annie recounts how she made friends with a boy named Cole and has been playing with him for a while. She arrives at the Eastland Mall's toy store, where they usually play, but a mishap occurs where she cannot read the name of one of the toys and Cole teases her for it. Flipping out Annie has a tantrum and Cole cheers her up, but his mother arrives, turning out to be one of the people who wanted Vince, Annie and Bonnie thrown out after the first of the three attacked Donald. She tells Annie that she is not to play with Cole any more and calls her tainted. Cole says whatever his mother says goes, and leaves with her. Left alone, Annie curses Cole's mother.

Day 1074

Vince finds Annie sulking in their room. When he asks what is wrong she tells him she lost her friend and describes what Cole's mother called her. Vince asks which store belongs to Cole's family, then has a heated argument with Cole's mother, saying that Annie is perhaps the best friend Cole could ever ask for. Cole's mother is reluctant at first but eventually caves and says she'll think about it. Accomplished, Vince turns back to return to Annie.

Day 1075

Annie wakes up, already knowing it's lie-in day. He says she can sleep if she want but she exclaims that she is hungry. Vince tells her to get dressed and meet him down at the food court, where most people eat.

At the food court Vince orders two bowls of dry cereal from the 'chef', Sal, and meets Maya at a table where they wait for Annie. When the eight-year-old shows up they can't help laughing at a slight wardrobe malfunction but attempt to cheer her up when she becomes slightly insecure.

When they've all finished eating Vince tries to take Annie back to their room so she can fix her inside-out shirt but Maya receives a transmission from somebody and says she needs Vince's help; something might go down.

Annie is dragged along as Vince and Maya rush to the front of the Mall. The two adults rush over the threshold, leaving the eight-year-old to cower behind a pillar, fearing that there may be some violence.

Vince walks back into the building with a smile on his face and tells Annie to come with him. Unsure and confused, Annie follows suit but doesn't work out what is going on. She asks Vince why he is crying and why he is sad but the man merely points down the parking lot. Annie rushes forward as she sees a figure and leaps onto them in a tight embrace.

Shocked and elated, Annie grips onto Becca as Vince joins them, then spies Sully, Emily and a teenager they don't recognise. Maya radios Lyle and says it's safe and that the new arrivals are people of Vince's. All of the group walk into the mall and introduce themselves.

Vince breaks the news about Wyatt, Lucia and Donald to Becca, who reacts less emotionally than anyone expects. While Vince shows Sully, Emily and Natalia around the place Annie drags Becca up to her room and shows her all the things she has collected; Mitchell's binoculars, Becca's old jacket, Wyatt's glasses and a note from her father which she begs Becca not to read.

The child shows Becca some drawings she has made and then rests her head on the teenager's lap, exhausted. Becca swears that they'll never be split up again and Annie feels like she can stop surviving and start living.

Day 1087

After a major delay, Maya finally catches up to Becca. The two of them briefly talk about jobs until Becca says she needs to talk to Natalia and asks if she can pass Annie over to the woman. Maya agrees and takes Annie with her to check the mall's inventory.

Day 1095

Annie and Becca watch Lyle and Anders prepare to go on what seems like a supply run. Natalia approaches the two children and suggests that they should ask what the two adults are doing, and it is revealed they are searching for Bonnie. The two men say it would help if they checked on Sully and let everyone know they were leaving for a while. Lyle says Gary and Donald will take his place on the roof for the time being.

As the three children turn to head to the sick bay and find Sully, Annie admires Natalia's sword. The fourteen-year-old tells her she found it with two of her brothers and - once Becca asks - it is revealed that she has no less than four brothers, plus one sister.

At the sick bay Sully is shown to be conscious, but has a nasty bruise on the back of his head. Emily is with him, and Lucia is observing. Annie shows disdain once she finds out Sully got drunk and Emily insists it won't happen again. Lucia says they need to check on Sully's leg and it would be appreciated if someone told Vince what was going on. Sully makes a joke about romance and Lucia is saddened by it, remembering Daniel. Becca reassures her and the three children leave the nurse to tend to Sully's leg. Annie looks over her shoulder and makes a vow to keep an eye on the man.

In Cold Blood

Day 1097

Vince, Annie, Becca and Gary are hiding on the bridge connecting two sides of the mall. They listen to Silas's demands and attempt to make plans. Vince offers to sacrifice himself while Becca and Annie escape, but no one agrees. Gary says that Silas's group is the one that attacked his own and mentions there is a sixth member of the Foragers (Rook, who is dead) and is probably sneaking around outside.

Silas taunts the community, then tells Jethro to grab another hostage. The man darts up the escalator, barely missing Vince's group's hiding spot, but he retrieves Cole. Cole's mother protests but Jethro slaps her and knocks her over.

Silas decides that enough time has been wasted and says the Foragers will return. If the mall gives him what he wants, he will return the hostages. If not, he'll kill them. To prove he is a man of his word, he executes Lyle.

The group recovers from the death of Lyle. Vince asks whether they should have surrendered, but Becca disagrees. Sully asks how Silas knew they were at the mall, and Emily claims it was purely down to luck. They all go down the escalator and spy Lyle's corpse, while Maya reveals herself and blames them for his death, saying that she would have willingly turned them over if not for Becca and Annie being mentioned too.

Lucia appears and asks what's going on. Maya mentions bandits chasing Vince, which leads the nurse to think that Ivan is still alive and following them all, but Vince tells her Ivan is dead and this is someone else. Maya says they need to bury Lyle, then decide whether Vince's group still has a place in the mall, but Donald shows up, explaining that Silas won't believe them if he comes back and they tell him Vince and co have left. Evacuating the entire settlement is proposed but no one is willing to leave the hostages behind. Donald says they'd stand a better chance with Vince's group staying at the mall if things get ugly, so they should stay, and Lucia vouches for Emily by saying her first aid skills are valuable.

Lucia tells Vince that he needs to dig Lyle a grave first thing in the morning, and Becca leads Annie back to their room.

Day 1098

Annie approaches Vince and tells him she thinks it is her fault they weren't ready for Silas - as she saw him escape during the battle with Sanctum. Vince tells her not to blame herself, then instructs her to go to sleep. Annie does so and when she is unconscious Vince leaves a pistol on her desk, unsure of whether or not he is doing the right thing.

Day 1099

Annie watches as people work on reinforcing the mall's entrances so the only way in or out is through the front door. A boy bumps into her and his father apologises, but as Annie watches them go she can't help but wish she had a family of her own. Sighing, she makes her way back to her room but spots Maya sitting on the escalator and moves up to join her. Maya explains that Lyle was like a brother to her, while Annie confesses that she never knew her mother. Maya suggests she could be an adoptive, 'pretend' mother to Annie if she liked, as she won't have kids of her own. Annie accepts, believing Maya to be the mother she always longed for.

Day 1099

Vince and the rest watch as Cole enters the mall alone, but the bandits are close behind. Silas taunts them with Cole's execution, but laughs it off and mocks Vince's reaction, instead letting the child run back to his mother. Using the valuable information he procured from the kid, Silas tells Gary, Donald and Maya to show themselves and lay their weapons down. He instructs Vince to give himself up, saying that he will spare Annie, Becca, Sully and Emily if he does. When Vince follows the orders Lucia gets between them both and thrusts Silas's gun to one side. In response Silas decks Lucia and Vince helps her back up.

Silas reveals the herd is on their way, making a grandiose speech about the circle of life and whatnot, as the walkers smash into the mall, full-force.

A Final Stand

Day 1099

Annie flees the main hall until Maya catches up with her. She tells her to wait in her room but Hazel and Kirk catch them. Annie hides behind a desk as Maya is interrogated, then attacks Hazel and uses the element of surprise to escape in the next room. Hazel stays to deal with Maya while Kirk gives chase.

Annie flees into the west wing of the mall and tries to think of a hiding spot, coming up with the Toy store where she played with Cole. Maya always left it unlocked, and no one would think to look there. Running for the store, Kirk catches sight of her and she tips a shelf over, tripping the man. Enraged, the forager fires two shots, the first pinging harmlessly off of the toy store's shutters. It takes a moment, but Annie soon registers the second bullet hit her in the arm. In pain, the eight-year-old climbs into the Toy Store and collapses against the back wall as Kirk advances on her. While the Forager gloats (much like Martin did when he had Wyatt and Annie at his mercy), Annie realises she still has her pistol and shoots the man dead. In doing so, she experiences vivid visions and memories, thinks she has killed Wyatt instead of Kirk, then blacks out.

She awakes to find an unwelcome guest sitting ahead of her. Her father, Ron Moore, taunts her and tells her she will die, getting her to admit she 'killed' her mother in childbirth and that she killed Wyatt, Kirk and Martin too. He calls her by the name "Anais," her true forename which she shortened to "Annie," then says he'll wait her out. As she almost blacks out again, Wyatt appears next to her and tries to comfort her.

Vince, Becca and Maya begin looking for Annie, finding her in the toy store. Fearing the worst, Vince retrieves Annie's pistol and levels it at her head.

Day 1100

Becca stands by a series of graves. Vince approaches her, telling her that the community took a vote and that he is to be exiled. Maya joins them, saying she wishes things could have been different, but Becca disagrees and says Maya doesn't care, asking why she is even there. Maya reveals Annie - whose arm is in a sling - and says she came so that Vince could deliver the news to the eight-year-old. Becca hugs Annie but the child is confused, saying she has a headache and wandering off. Becca looks to Vince and the two of them go back inside.

Vince and the rest of his allies meet in the main hall, preparing for them to leave. They depart into the parking lot, where Sully and Em appear, and Vince speaks to each of them in turn. He says to Annie that he's leaving so no one looks at her like she's dirt, associating her with what he's done, but tells her part of him will always stay with her. After a final sentence, he walks out of the car park and disappears.

Day 1132

Annie is learning to read with Becca's help. When they are done, Annie climbs onto her bed and the two of them speak about various things - how some of Natalia's family arrived, how Sully is coping with his missing foot, and other subjects. Annie says she's going to wear a t-shirt tomorrow, but when Becca questions her about her burn scars, Annie says being shot hurt much worse, and the scars can't hurt her any more.

Becca gets into her own bed on the other side of the room and Annie pulls out a diary Maya told her to write. After examining several pages and photos, she begins a new entry, exclaiming how she thinks things will get better.

As she goes to sleep, she hears Sully playing his guitar, and believes everything will be okay.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Annie has killed:

  • One walker
  • Brandon (indirectly caused)
  • Martin (Caused, Direct)
  • Wyatt (Indirectly caused)
  • Kirk (Caused, Direct)



Annie has put a great deal of faith in Wyatt and the two share a familial bond, with Wyatt playing the role of an older sibling or a father. Wyatt and Annie confide in each other a whole lot and Wyatt's eventual death shakes Annie to her core - to the point that she develops a form of post-traumatic stress whenever she fires a gun.


To begin with, Becca and Annie show little sign of interaction when they are grouped together; at that point Becca is more of a loner and Annie is reliant on Wyatt. Becca shows interest in Annie following Shel's death and later comforts the child while they are held hostage by Ivan. In return, Annie inspires Becca to keep powering on the next day when she collapses and can go no further. Shortly after this they decide to become friends.

Later on, during the final battle with Ivan's group, Becca volunteers to take Annie to safety, but they are followed by Brandon. She and Annie fend the bandit off together until Becca is hit with the stock of the man's rifle. Annie pinned down but Becca brutally defends her by slitting Brandon's throat. The two then embrace each other and form an unbreakable bond like that of sisters.

During Season 2, Becca is very protective of Annie and is unsure of what she'd do without her. In a way Becca is replacing Shel with Annie, filling the void her older sister left behind, but she's also reassuring Annie by doing so. Though their relationship is practically a replication of another to begin with, it blossoms into its own legitimate bond over time.

Following Wyatt's death and Becca's disappearance, Annie is distraught and finds it extremely hard to cope, but is ecstatic when Becca shows up at the mall and becomes terribly possessive of her 'older sister'.


Annie and Vince take a long time to get to know each other but Wyatt's death forces them together. They become fast friends and close allies, relying on each other (but excluding Bonnie at the same time, blaming her for events that have passed). Annie wants to share a room with Vince at the Eastland Mall, suggesting that she trusts him almost as much as she did Wyatt. Vince defends Annie often and feels he owes it to Wyatt to protect her, like he 'failed' to do with Becca.


Maya instantly takes a liking to Annie when they first meet and cannot find it within herself to turn Vince's group away. The woman tries to reassure Annie by calling her a princess and helping her set up a room in the mall, and later employing her as an apprentice taking inventory of the mall's supplies. She defends Annie harshly when the trouble between Vince and Donald starts up, but her loyalty falters following Lyle's death; she says she may have to kick all of Vince's people out of the mall, Annie included. However, the woman later apologises for this and listens to Annie's concerns about her lack of family, suggesting that the two of them form a foster-mother-daughter relationship.


  • Lucia was a potential mother figure for Annie, attempting to protect her and befriend her, but their relationship was cut short when they were split up. They have not interacted much since their reunion but Lucia still thinks highly of Annie.


  • Daniel and Annie never really got to know each other but this did not stop the former from gifting the latter with his hat when he was in a blood-loss-induced weak state, as he did not want to be forgotten.

Ivan's Group

  • Annie is terrified of Ivan's group, particularly Ivan and Brandon.

Sully's Group

  • Annie and Sully shared a positive relationship, but she was unaware that this was because she reminded Sully of his deceased sister, Lucy.
  • Annie and Emily shared a positive relationship and Emily was quite fond of the child. Following Kiff's demise Annie occasionally attempted to comfort Emily
  • Kiff and Annie didn't really communicate, but had a somewhat positive relationship.
  • Annie and Mitchell didn't really communicate but she was unaware that this was because she reminded Mitchell of his deceased sister, Lucy, whose death he accidentally caused. Mitchell revealed he was quite fond of Annie when he told Becca to give the child his binoculars.
  • Annie and Fuad rarely spoke but she could not bring herself to hate the man even if he did not trust her.


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Into The Fray Lost In Transit The Enemy Within Blood Runs Cold Nowhere To Run
State Of Decay Cloak And Dagger No Way Out Playing With Fire Rest In Peace
Brave New World Don't Look Back Never Let Go Unto The Breach In Cold Blood
A Final Stand Those Left Behind


  • Annie's name was found in the game files of the official game.
  • The idea of Annie's character was initially conceived to give Wyatt a goal, or something to drive him forward.
  • Annie and Wyatt's relationship bears a similarity to that of Lee Everett and Clementine.
  • Annie wears long sleeves to hide the burn scars on her arms. Only three people know about these; Wyatt and Becca - who found out because she told them in confidence - and Bonnie, who found out by accident. It is possible that Laura already knew about this as she asked Annie to roll up her sleeves and check for bites during the escape from Howe's, or she didn't react because they were in a rush.
  • Annie's birthday is the 11th of June.
  • Annie is, admittedly, Thunderslate's favourite character.


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