"Big Brother!! Where are you!?"
—Ayaka (Translated From Japanese)



Nothing Left










2 Brothers (Shown in picture) Mother (shown in picture) Father (shown in picture)

First Appearance

Episode 4:All Alone



Series Lifespan

All Alone to Present



Ayaka is a Character who appears in Nothing Left by IDEK. And is as of now the Only Character to be introduced in Brighton.


Ayaka's Personality is hard to identify due to the language barrier.She shows qualities such as trustingness and is open to talk about things, until she realizes people can't understand her and just decides not to get involved

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Absolutely nothing is known about Ayaka's Life before the apocalypse other than she had two brothers and lived in Japan.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Ayaka presumably spent the first few months of the apolcaypse in the apartment building, alone. with her brothers and family presumably among the walkers in the streets.

At one point, Johnathon stumbled upon her, and they quickly learned that communication between the two was impossible, for some reason. She started to trust him and Hope and they left the apartment building, spending a bit of time Jumping Roofs, she was shown from the beginning to be having trouble, grazing her knee and hurting her stomach when she made landings.

Eventually, she(through unknown reasons) ended up accidentally letting go of one of the rooftops and fell into the streets. seemingly unharmed, Johnathon went after her, Nevertheless, she stormed ahead. and Was shown to be more focused on getting out on her own.But did seem to show concern when the stairs broke from under Johnathon,

They reached the attic and she seemed to be more focused on shooting all the Walkers, but then she ran out of bullets and walkers grabbed her, she didn't get bitten, and seemed to be doing good fighting them off. Johnathon then saved her, only for the very weak floorboards to break under all the weight in the room, causing the two to Fall down onto a Lower Floor.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Various Walkers


  • Ayaka has a Rare Eye colour
    • Green with a Yellow Stoma.
  • Ayaka is one of two characters who are confirmed not to be English in the story
  • Ayaka is the only character not introduced in episode 1 to be confirmed alive at the end of her introduction episode.
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