Gender Male
Hair Black-Grey
Age Late 30s-Early 40s
Occupation Firefighter (pre-apocalypse)
First Appearance Cloak And Dagger
Status Alive
Series lifespan Cloak And Dagger to Present
Ethnicity African-American
Episode Count 2
Bennett is a loner who appears in Thunderslate's Into The Fray: Season 2 and Season 3.


Bennett possesses an odd character. He alerts Vince to his presence knowing the danger it could cause - because he wanted to talk to someone. When Vince holds the man at gunpoint he advances and presses his temple to the barrel, telling Vince to kill him - it is unknown whether he is joking or suicidal. He is cooperative and offers Vince supplies.

As he spends more time with the group he calms down to the point where he informs Becca of his past as a firefighter.


All that is known of Bennett's life before the apocalypse was that he was a firefighter.


At some point Bennett became a lone traveller. It is unknown whether he was once part of a group or not.

Cloak And Dagger

Bennett reveals his presence to Vince, who is scouting a suburb. After some tension, they end up exchanging information about Fuad and Bennett gives some supplies to Vince. In return, Vince asks Bennett if he wants to join up with his group.

Bennett informs the group that Fort Recovery is no more and they opt to continue on in search of Fuad, and later witnesses Fuad commit suicide from afar. He then sets up a campfire in a nearby warehouse and goes to sleep.

In the morning Bennett informs Becca of how he was a fireman in the pre-apocalypse, and is used to feeling as if he could have done more to save any people he couldn't. Silas, Hector and Sonja ride horses towards Vince and his group, swiftly taking out the walkers in the area. When they are safe, Silas proposes that the group comes to his settlement, Sanctum. Sully, Mitchell, Emily and Kiff agree immediately, but Bennett refuses and goes his own way after a brief farewell.

Those Left Behind

Bennett finds the truck, using the keys Wyatt gave him to start it up. He lives in it for a while, slowly discovering that he is getting lonely. It takes him a good seven or eight months to get to the point where he wants to visit Vince & co at Sanctum, but when he does he stumbles across Freya and finds that the settlement has burned down. He decides to take Freya under his wing.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Bennett has killed:

  • Numerous counts of walkers.



Bennett jokes with Vince and offers him supplies, which leads to them getting along quite well. In response, Vince asks Bennett to join his group.


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