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Cole is an original character who appears in Thunderslate's Into The Fray: Season Three. He ends up befriending Annie.

Character Edit

Cole is friendly, but has a tendency to tease Annie, which she does not react well to. It seems as if he has previously been bullied by other children in the community and appreciate's Annie's company.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Little is known of Cole's life before the apocalypse, other than that he was 6-7 years old at its inception.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Cole joined the Eastland Community with his mother, Carla.

Into The Fray: Season 3 Edit

Never Let Go Edit

Day 1074 Edit

Annie recounts how she made friends with a boy named Cole and has been playing with him for a while. She arrives at the Eastland Mall's toy store, where they usually play, but a mishap occurs where she cannot read the name of one of the toys and Cole teases her for it. Flipping out Annie has a tantrum and Cole cheers her up, but his mother arrives, turning out to be one of the people who wanted Vince, Annie and Bonnie thrown out after the first of the three attacked Donald. She tells Annie that she is not to play with Cole any more and calls her tainted. Cole says whatever his mother says goes, and leaves with her. Left alone, Annie curses Cole's mother.

Appearances Edit

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

  • Never Let Go

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