Director Adelaide Shaw
Director Shaw as she appears in Rest In Peace








Late 50s-Early 60s


Director and Leader of Sanctum



First Appearance

Chapter 29


Presumed Dead

Series Lifespan

Chapter 29-Chapter 60



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Director Shaw is a character who appears in Into The Fray: Season 2 by Thunderslate. She is the leader of Sanctum.


Shaw remains calm and takes charge of most situations, using an intimidating tone to maintain control. This is mostly shown through Becca's 'induction meeting' along with any time that she orders her guards to do something.

Into The Fray: Season 2

No Way Out

Shaw is first seen during Becca's induction meeting. She asks the teenager some personal questions, waiting for the drugs she spiked the girl's water with to get to work.

She is next seen catching the group during their first escape attempt. She demands that Annie is found and brought back, and then disappears for a long time.

Rest In Peace

Shaw leads Sanctum against Vince's group and demands that they turn themselves in. Vince rejects her offer and initiates combat.

She is next seen cowering behind a car as Phil and Scarlet fight Vince and Tyler. They are all caught in stalemate until Tyler succeeds in killing Scarlet via a headshot. Hector re-emerges behind cover and Vince runs for him. Tyler attempts it too and is shot in the arm. Tyler flees and is not seen again. Hector manages to scare Phil off and they head to deal with Shaw.

Shaw gives up once she is caught, but continues taunting the two men. She does not fight back but insults them. Vince does not want to kill Shaw and prove that he is as bad as her. Instead, he binds her hands and ties her to a car, brands her a murderer and leaves. Hector says he will go and look for Tyler but Vince knows he is going to kill Shaw instead.


Killed by:

Killed Victims

By initiating the battle between Vince's and her own groups, Shaw can be seen as being responsible for all deaths in that fight. This would be:

  • Mary
  • Tessa
  • Sonja (Presumed)
  • Mike (Presumed)
  • Scott (Presumed)
  • Lowell
  • Scarlet
  • Herself (Presumed)
  • Martin
  • Wyatt


Into The Fray: Season Two

  • No Way Out
  • Rest In Peace


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