FUBAR is a fan fiction set in the universe of The Walking Dead Game that follows the story of two National Guardsmen, Conner and Farley, in the opening days of the apocalypse. The majority of the cast is made of Original Characters (also known as "OC's") with an appearance from one living character from the game. Written by Rock114. Part 1 of the "Conner's Story" series. The story can be found in its entirety here .


  • Conner David Bryant 
  • Eugene Farley Reynolds
  • Sergeant Albert Keenan
  • Kelley
  • Hanson
  • Dorn
  • Carter
  • Elizabeth "Beth" Hayes


  • The protagonist, Conner Bryant, made his first appearance in "Down by the River," which takes place after both "FUBAR" and "Inferno", as a secondary character. "FUBAR" and "Inferno" were written after the completion of "Down by the River", essentially telling the end of Conner's story before the beginning.