Freya Church
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 11-12
Family Family
  • Silas (Father)
  • Lily (Mother)
  • Younger Brother (Brother)
First Appearance Those Left Behind
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Episode Count 1
Freya Church is a character who appears in the "Into The Fray" series by Thunderslate. She is the daughter of Silas Church and his wife, left behind while her father departed to Sanctum to help find a cure.

Character Edit

Freya appears weak-minded and frail, a direct result of the hardships she has endured throughout her life. She recalls how her mother became neglectful and depressed after the death of Freya's unnamed baby brother, and from there she became fixated on her father as a hero figure of sorts.

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

Those Left Behind Edit

Following a bandit attack resulting in the death of her mother, the frail and ill Freya finds herself on the road to Sanctum, desperate to find her father. She is attacked by a walker but eventually dispatches it.

Reaching Sanctum, Freya is devastated to find the place burned to the ground. Sobbing at the sudden pang of hopelessness, Freya collapses against the front gate and turns, spying someone approach in the mist.

Killed Victims Edit

Appearances Edit

Into The Fray appearances
Into The Fray Lost In Transit The Enemy Within Blood Runs Cold Nowhere To Run
State Of Decay Cloak And Dagger No Way Out Playing With Fire Rest In Peace
Brave New World Don't Look Back Never Let Go Unto The Breach In Cold Blood
A Final Stand Those Left Behind

Trivia Edit

  • Though Silas never directly mentions Freya or her mother, he makes an veiled reference to his daughter in his dying moments.

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