Into The Fray (Episode)
Season One, Episode One
Post Date June 14th 2014
Written By Thunderslate
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Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Becca, Russell, Miles, Annie, Laura
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"Into The Fray", also known as "Episode 1" is the first episode of Thunderslate's Into The Fray

Plot Synopsis

Tyler is instructed by Carver to go look for Troy. After doing this, he checks on the people in the homestead, who have woken up and are asking what's going on. Tyler leaves to find out.

Walkers start breaking into the homestead. Wyatt goes looking for Russell, but is unsuccessful. He returns and Vince sends Shel, Becca, Miles and Laura into the hardware store to deal with the loudspeakers while he, Wyatt and everyone else defends the place.

It is quickly overrun and Vince and Wyatt run into the hardware store after rescuing a young girl. Miles and Shel shut off the loudspeakers after rescuing Russell from the sick bay. Everyone groups up and heads to the stockroom to leave in a truck. They find Carver's body.

They loot the stockroom and get out of the building finding the truck. Vince is saved from an undead Troy by Becca. The group gets into the truck, with Wyatt driving, and they escape. The truck door is broken and Laura tries to fix it, but she falls back and is killed by walkers. In the cab, Wyatt discovers the name of the child he saved is Annie.



  • Unnamed man
  • Troy (zombified)
  • Laura


  • First appearance of Miles
  • First appearance of Annie
  • First and last appearance of Laura



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