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Student at Blatchington Mill



First Appearance

Episode 3:All Alone



Series Lifespan

All Alone



Lorna is a Character who Appeared in Nothing Left By IDEK, briefly during Episode 3, Not much is currently known about her character other than she went to the same school as Gerald, and presumably all the others from his group. But was apparently not in this group. Instead holing up in Devils Dyke Golf Club


Lorna was apparently very Antsy, Not trusting Strangers to the point of being willing to shoot them; none of her shots were fatal and most were at Limbs. So it is unknown whether she was trigger happy or a bit to over-active with her warnings.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Absolutely nothing is Known about her Life before the Apocalypse

Post ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about Lorna's post-apocalyptic life during the first two months, But Eventually she started camping out in a Golf Club and eventually started to place Walkers in the attic. She didn't take kindly to strangers, but often just told them to leave.

When Nikki's Group walked into her Place, She pointed her gun at them and told them to leave, when they shot back, she ended up shooting Jacob in the leg. when they shot again, She shot Johnathon in the Arm and was Either Killed or Wounded in the resulting Gunfight.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Unknown Amount of Walkers

Killed by Edit

  • Nikki Maleire (Direct Murder,Possibly)
  • Johnathon (Allowed,Possibly)

When she pointed a gun at the group when they invaded her hideout, She accidentally Shot Jacob in the leg, a bit Later Johnathon pulled the trigger on her, But she somehow Dodged and shot him in the arm. almost immediately afterwards Nikki Shot her in the Cheek, She survived the shot initially, and then the exact events get hazy.

She either Fell unconscious or Bled to death. and was then Discarded of by Nikki, she was later seen walking away from the Golf Club, although it was unclear whether she had re-animated or was Alive.


  • Lorna's school uniform is similar to ones people at Blatchington Mill, a school in Brighton/Hove, wore.
  • Lorna is most likely the one who put all the Walkers in the Attic. Exactly why she did this is unknown
  • Lorna is the Only Character who's status is Unclear
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