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Max is a character who appears in Into The Fray by Thunderslate. He is the son of Deborah and lives in the Lakeside Lodge.

Character Edit

Max appears slightly energetic and excitable as he sneaks into a locked bedroom to meet Becca and Natalia after his mother falls asleep. He is eager to make friends and seems to get along with Natalia quite well, but not Becca.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Little is known of Max's life Pre-apocalypse other than that he lived with his mother, Deborah.

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

Don't Look Back Edit

Max is spotted looking out of a window by Natalia. Believing he is her younger brother she runs to the house he is residing in and tries to get inside, dragging Becca along with her. Deborah opens the door and after some convincing she lets the teenagers inside so they can spend the night there, under the condition that she can lock them in a room overnight so they can't attack her or her son.

The two teenagers discuss matters in the bedroom until someone unlocks the door. Assuming it was a trap Becca prepares to attack but Deborah's son Max is revealed on the other side. He was curious about then newcomers and stole the key from his mother while she slept. He is welcomed by Natalia but makes the mistake of insulting Annie when she comes up in conversation, causing Becca to retaliate. Natalia advises that Max leaves.

Day 1073 Edit

Natalia and Max are eating downstairs. Becca shows up apologises to Natalia about how she acted the night before and Deborah comes into the room. She tells them of a settlement known as the Ohio Border Checkpoint which keeps track of all those who pass through. She provides them with directions and the two teenagers leave with high hopes.

Appearances Edit

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

  • Don't Look Back

Trivia Edit

  • Following Don't Look Back, Max's status has turned to 'unknown', as it is unknown what happened to him following Becca and Natalia leaving the Lakeside Lodge.

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