"Seriously? You honestly think I did it.Wow."
—Miles to Malcolm after the latter accused him of Murder,

Miles Blaine


Nothing Left






Late Teens to Early Twenty'as


Costume Mascot (Pre-Apocalypse and presumed)



First Appearance

Episode 1:First Days



Series Lifespan

First Days to No Hope



Miles is a Character that Appears in Nothing Left, He was a original member of the Group alongside Johnathon, Hope, Nikki, Harry, Malcolm, Jacob, William, and Claude,


Miles is Normally a Laid-Back Person, Just Sitting back and using whatever Games console for Music-Player he has his hands on while he's doing stuff related to survival to keep his mind of it. It's unknown if he does this because he can't live without a distraction, or he just wants to.

He can be Notably Passive-Aggressive when someone doesn't tell him things or Accuses him of something.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Almost Nothing is Known about Miles' Pre-Apocalypse Life other than he was presumably a costumed mascot, lived on 4 Tilmore Road and had a Interest in Rap music.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Eric
  • Presumably a Few Walkers

Killed ByEdit

  • Malcolm
  • Johnathon (To Prevent Re-animation)

During the Argument about Who Killed Terry, things quickly Escalated to the Point where Malcolm shot Miles straight in the chest. Miles survived for a fair bit, the majority of this time spent unconscious, but he eventually woke up and started coughing up blood before falling to the floor again. Thinking Miles was dead, Johnathon shot him in the Head to Prevent him from Turning.


  • Every Time Miles has had a established opinion, Micheal7123 had improvised a choice normally involving saying nothing and walking away
  • Miles is one of the four characters to have their designs shown before the fic began
    • As of Episode 3, he is the Only one of these characters to die.
  • Miles is probably the only character who's Street and House are shown.
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