Actor Jefferson Arca
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 30s
First Appearance 400 Days
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian American
Episode Count 1
Nate is a character who appears in Into The Fray: Season 3 by Thunderslate, but is originally from the 400 days DLC. He is part of Russell's group, but seems to have a hold on his groupmates.

Character Edit

Nate is shown to have a very unpredictable personality, ranging from offering Russell a ride despite not even knowing who he is and even saving his life on several occasions, to endangering the latter's life to simply and jokingly rank how attractive a female walker may have been when she was alive, to killing two elderly people in cold blood for their supplies. His one, consistent trait, is that he is always laid back and sarcastic, never appearing to worry about what has happened in the past or may happen in the future and enjoys in living in the moment with his humor. He seems to have firmly embraced the reality of the world as it is now, and can even admit to Russell that his joking manner is simply his method of coping with how much death and destruction has occurred since the outbreak. This is questionable however, as Nate's dark sense of humor extends to the point of threats, drugs, violence, and even murder, leaving it unknown if Nate has any boundaries for what he will do to survive and enjoy, rather sadistically, in this reality.

Despite his erratic and violent behavior, Nate is shown to be highly resourceful and is very rarely, if ever, intimidated by any situation, often being able to always gain the upper hand in any conflict no matter how much the odds may turn against him. This makes Nate a dangerous individual as well however, as his sanity appears to be questionable at times in conjunction with the implication that he is or previously was part of a group of bandits that used drugs, stole from other survivors, and killed others who opposed them or simply got in their way. Despite this, he seems to greatly value his (one sided) friendship with Russell, enjoying conversing and joking with him, and did not attack him even after Russell stands up to him and leaves, despite Nate saving his life multiple times. All of these conflicting characteristics and actions make it extremely difficult to classify who Nate is as a person and character as he constantly changes his behavior when other characters seem to finally gain a grasp on his inner workings.

Appearances Edit

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