No Going Back, is a story written by Zombieguy96 found on Fanfiction.


The story gives an alternative scenario to episode 5, in which Clementine and all her friends end up dead. But in a miracle event. Clementine is sent back in time to the events of Episode 3. With her future knowledge under her belt, rather than fleeing the hardware store. Clementine realises that to save her friends from their fates, she must do everything she can to overthrow William Carver and create a newer, safer community

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No Going Back opens during the closing events of episode 4, as the russians open fire on the group. In this story, Jane doesn't return to save them, As Luke, Mike and Bonnie are all killed in the ensuring choas. Clementine coldly kills Arvo, leaving herself, Kenny and the baby alive. With their moods dapmened they proceed towards a nearby town. Being surrounded by walkers once again, Kenny, Clementine and the baby flee into a church.

Kenny names the baby "Duck" replacing his old son, as Clementine tries to find supplies, to her and dissapointment, the church is striped bare. That night the babies dies (either due to hunger or exposure) as Kenny loses his will to live. Walkers begin to break into the church, Kenny mutters that "It's over" to Clementine. He fights off the walkers in his last moments, before being devoured. Giving Clementine enough time to escape. 

Now the sole survivor, Clementine despratley tries to fight her way through the night and the blizzards, but after hours of aimless wondering, she breaks down and cries in despair. These noises attract a nearby walker, the walker successfully manages to bite Clementine, and pull out her innards before she kills it.

Now alone and dying, Clementine can only do one thing, and that's to shoot herself before she turns. staring at her old picture of Lee for the last time, she pulls the trigger.

And wakes up again, this time back in the Hardware store, with Troy kicking her in the stomach. A confused Clementine gets up, barely able to believe what's happening. Or how or why she has been sent back to this point. As Carver gets Carlos to slap Sarah in the extact same way Clementine witnessed beforehand. She realises that she has been given "A second chance" to help save her friends from certain death.

And so the plot to a new story begins... 

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