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Mid-Late 30s


Sanctum Guard



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CH29 (S2), CH21 (S3)



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Phil is a character who appears in Into The Fray: Season 2 & 3 by Thunderslate. He is a member of Sanctum.


Phil is quite introverted and quiet, only speaking when he needs to. Some other guards of Sanctum often suggest that he is a coward.

Into The Fray: Season 2

No Way Out

Phil helps Shaw drug the members of Vince's group. Judging by his post outside of Shaw's office it is possible he was her bodyguard.

It is presumed he took part in the hunt for Annie but failed to find her.

Playing With Fire

Phil guards the cell that the group is in. Hector knocks him out which instills fear in Phil.

Rest In Peace

Phil acts as Shaw's bodyguard along with Scarlet. Once Hector shows up Phil recalls what the man did to him 'last time' and ditches Shaw. Vince later finds him alone but lets him go so long as he puts Sanctum behind him.

Into The Fray: Season 3

Following his escape of the Sanctum battle, Phil survived for an additional 126 days. At some point, he came across Thomas who provided him with sanctuary, but had the ulterior motive to kill Phil.

Never Let Go

Day 1096

A man named Thomas stalks a former ally whom he has injured. Hoping to catch him before the fellow man succumbs to his wounds, Thomas finds the person - revealed to be Phil from Sanctum - who pleads with him. Thomas lulls Phil into a false sense of security by turning and walking away, but then turns back and brutally murders the man, slamming a blade into his head and then hacking at the body until it is beheaded. Once it is done, he revels in the moment.

Thomas later consumes some of Phil's body.


Killed by:

Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of walkers


Into The Fray: Season Two

  • No Way Out
  • Playing With Fire
  • Rest In Peace

Into The Fray: Season Two

  • Never Let Go


  • Like Donald of Ivan's group, Phil is a member of an enemy group who Vince had mercy on.
  • Phil is the first character to be eaten by another human being.


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