Right or Wrong is a fanfiction created by TinyCarlos. It was first created as an interactive fanfiction on Telltale Games Forums, and today it still is.

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Episode 1: A New Day Edit

A Macon Resident, Adam Stark must find sanctuary when the world goes to shit. When he comes across Lee Everett and his group, he has hope to survive the apocalypse. But with a dangerous past which he must hide, can the people he survives with daily trust him?

Episode 2: Starved For Help Edit

Three months later, the group at the motor inn has lowered on food, with nowhere to turn, what could be their next move? What will they have to do in order to survive?

Episode 3: Long Road Ahead Edit

A few weeks after the events of Episode Two, the group is still distraught over the St. Johns, but with the bandits threatening to take the one thing they sacrificed so much for; are they sure it's worth defending?

Episode 4: Around Every Corner Edit

With allies and friends doubting Adam, what will he do to keep his secret safe?

Episode 5: No Time Left Edit

Time is running out. Everything comes to close. Nobody is safe in the season finale.