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Late 40s-Early 50s


  • Unknown (pre-apocalypse)
  • Bandit/Forager (post-apocalypse)



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Caucasian American

Rook is a character who appears in Into The Fray: Season Three by Thunderslate. He is a member of a bandit group known as 'The Foragers' along with numerous others.

Character Edit

Rook appears to be aggressive in his methods of leadership, using violence to make sure his followers do not step out of line. However, he is friendly towards those who are loyal to him, such as Church.

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

Unto The Breach Edit

Day 1096 Edit

Several bandits are seen standing around their haul of supplies. Two of them, Kirk and Jethro in particular are arguing over who gets to eat first while four others watch silently. The leader, Rook interrupts and decides that, seeing as he now has a headache, neither of them get to eat that night. The leader eats first, then passes the can of food to Church. Hazel eats next, followed by Carson. Following their meal the bandits walk in formation, in search of shelter. They stumble upon an old maintainence shed. Rook says the others have to sleep outside, causing Kirk to swear at him. Rook decks the man, then tells Church to accompany him inside.

Rook admits he is concerned about Kirk and informs Church that he needs him to have his back. When Church confirms that they are on the same side he leaves and finds the others. Carson and Kirk sleep while Jethro and Hazel are on watch. Assuming Kirk cannot do anything while asleep, Church rests too.

Day 1097 Edit

When he wakes up, Church searches the shed to find Rook, but is shocked to find the man undead and on the end of Kirk's weapon.

Carson later puts Rook out of his misery.

Death Edit

Killed by:

  • Kirk

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous counts of roamers
  • Numerous counts of survivors

Appearances Edit

Into The Fray: Season Three Edit

  • Unto The Breach

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