Rowdy is a character that is in The Walking Dead: A Alternate Way (Season 5)
Actor Lawrence Grefferham
Gender Male
Hair Dirty Blonde
Age 16
Family Rodney - Brother
First Appearance Hearts Still Beating
Last Appearance Running From Our Own
Death Episode Running From Our Own
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Dead
Series lifespan Hearts Still Beating to Under The Clouds (Mentioned)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Appearances Edit

Hearts Still Beating Edit

In this episode Hearts Still Beating, Travis and the group find a new group. Rowdy is among that group, along with Rodney, Lola, Pierson, Bobby, JJ, Leacel and Milton. Rowdy gets introduced by his brother Rodney. Later that episode, Rodney explains that Rowdy has a dangerous level of trauma and that he isn't good at fighting, scavenging, keeping it together and hiding. Rodney explains that he has to constantly train him. But Rodney also says that it never works and he gives up. Rodney says thats the same case for Leacel and that both Rowdy and Leacel are best friends.

Running From Our Own Edit

In this episode Running From Our Own, Rowdy is seen eating breakfast with his group. Travis asks if he is doing okay, which Rowdy then responds "I don't really know." To which Travis says "Ok, hope you enjoy breakfast." Later that day, Rowdy's brother Rodney volunteered to go scavenging with JJ. Rowdy then decided to go with Rodney to prove himself that he is not a 'baby'. An hour later, Travis spots a horde slowing making it's way to the camp. Travis asks if anyone has seen Rodney, JJ and Rowly. To which all said no. Travis starts to get worried and launches a group to find them. After the group of 5 came back 15 minutes later. Only Rodney and JJ returned. Paul then explains that they found them surrounded by walkers in a small cabin in the woods. Travis asks were Rowdy went, to which Rodney responded with his head down and tears coming out.

Under The Clouds Edit

In this episode Under The Clouds, Rodney confirms that Rowdy died during the scavenge, but his cause of death wasn't mentioned.

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