Shelley "Shel" Williams
Shel as she appears in Becca's family photograph.


Into The Fray






Early-Mid 20s




Becca Williams (Sister)

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'Prologue' to 'Chapter 14 - In The Rain'



 " I’ve been here for Becca all this time, and you’re not on your own. We’re all responsible.”

- Shel describing her situation.

Shel is a character who appears in Into The Fray by Thunderslate. She is a member of the Howe's Hardware Escapees, along with Wyatt , Vince, Becca, Russell, Miles, Annie and Laura.


Shel is the most level-headed of the group. She is also very responsible.


Nothing is known of Shel's life before the apocalypse.


Shel, along with Becca, was at a small camp based around a pit stop, which they left when Shel was told to execute another group member. At some point they met up with Bonnie, Vince, Wyatt and Russell.

Their group was approached by Tavia and they made their way to Carver's settlement. When they arrived they met William Carver. Later they were introduced to Luke and the adults were interviewed for jobs and chores.

When the camp was overrun Shel, Becca, Miles and Laura went into the hardware store to rescue Russell from the sick bay, which they succeeded in doing.

She later escaped with Wyatt, Vince, Annie, Becca, Russell, Miles and Laura, the last of whom was killed by an undead Carlos.

She later spent time living with the group at Marshall's house. When they investigated an odd thumping noise, Shel supported Vince and Miles, who went to look. When the secret was exposed the group fled Marshal and got split up, leaving Shel with Becca. 

The two sisters were split up and Marshall went after Becca. Shel appeared and tried to attack him, causing him to turn and fire his rifle at her, hitting her in the chest. 

After Becca murdered Marshall, Shel provided her with dying words and told her sister not to let her come back as a walker.

Season Two

No Way Out

"Shel" appears as a comforting mechanism for Becca while the teenager is unconscious.


Killed by:

  • Marshall (directly caused)

Note that Becca prevented her from reanimating.


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Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Shel has killed:

  • Numerous counts of walkers
  • Herself (indirectly, accidental)



Despite their differences, Shel and Becca were close sisters. Shel was almost hell-bent on protecting her sister.


Vince and Shel are good friends, though at one point Vince remarks that they were a lot closer than most thought, hinting at a romantic relationship that never got anywhere.


Russell and Shel shared a friendly relationship.


Wyatt and Shel shared a friendly relationship.


Shel would have been as defensive of Annie as she was of Becca.


Shel attempted  to comfort Miles after Laura's death.


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