Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Early-Mid 30s
Occupation Sanctum Guard
First Appearance Cloak And Dagger
Status Alive
Series lifespan Cloak And Dagger - Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Episode Count 5
Sonja is a character who appears in Into The Fray: Season 2 by Thunderslate. She is a member of Sanctum along with Silas and Hector.


Sonja hangs back as Silas presents the opportunity of joining Sanctum, though she seems confident in herself. When Vince and Becca help her repair the border she is revealed to speak in a monotonous way and sounds bored quite frequently.

Post Apocalypse

Cloak And Dagger

Silas, Hector and Sonja ride horses towards Vince and his group, swiftly taking out the walkers in the area. When they are safe, Silas proposes that the group comes to his settlement, Sanctum. Sully, Mitchell, Emily and Kiff agree immediately, but Bennett refuses and goes his own way. After giving the idea a lot of thought, Vince, Becca, Annie and Wyatt also agree to go on their own terms.

No Way Out

Sonja helps Vince and Becca repair the border, remarking that bandits once tried to crash a bus into it.

She later reappears when Shaw catches the group during their escape and presumably gives chase in an attempt to find Annie.

Playing With Fire

Sonja catches up to the escaping group as walkers breach the compound but Hector holds her off. Tyler, Lowell and Tessa are already gone by the time Vince, Wyatt and Becca are set to leave but they hold off their escape when they see walkers grappling Sully, Emily and Mitchell as Sonja prepares to fire again.

Rest In Peace

Sonja appears with the rest of Sanctum when they trap Vince's group at a junction. Becca shoots her gun hand, blasting off a few fingers and forcing her to flee to preserve herself. She ran in the direction of the walkers and it can be assumed she was killed.

Those Left Behind

Sonja is traveling west with Sasha under her wing.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Sonja has killed:

  • Numerous Counts of walkers


Into The Fray appearances
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State Of Decay Cloak And Dagger No Way Out Playing With Fire Rest In Peace
Brave New World Don't Look Back Never Let Go Unto The Breach In Cold Blood
A Final Stand Those Left Behind



Sonja and Silas work together to recruit survivors into Sanctum, so it can be assumed that they have a steady relationship.


Sonja and Hector work together to recruit survivors into Sanctum, so it can be assumed that they have a steady relationship. She pleaded for Hector to think about what he was doing while he escaped with Vince's group.


Sonja pities Sasha and tries to keep her alive. While Sasha annoys her, she appreciates the company.


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