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This wiki is dedicated to approved Fanfictions based around Telltale Games. It will be used as a reference tool for characters, locations and the fics in general.

It was originally used as a wiki exclusively for The Walking Dead Game (hence the URL), but with Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands on the horizon it's been expanded to TTG in general to encourage participation.

I'm also gonna make a Character Status page for the new games' canons because I like making status pages so, hey, why not?

Admins on the wiki:

  • Jakest123 AKA Thunderslate, writer of Into The Fray S1&2
  • Michael7123, writer of Reasons For Living
  • TinyCarlos, writer of Always The Quiet Ones and Hey Sweet Pea

The Walking Dead Fanfictions:

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Game Of Thrones

Tales From The Borderlands

Image Galleries

Into The Fray Gallery (Seasons 1 and 2)


  • IDEK
  • Jakyo/Thunderslate
  • K.Richardson
  • Michael7123
  • Mojazz22
  • Rock114
  • Shepard
  • SonicGX98
  • TeamKennyAlways
  • TinyCarlos
  • Zyphon
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