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Written by o0oWoLfwrIT3ro0o. An episodic Fanfic that include the protagonists of The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie, into the story of Telltale's The Walking Dead. Began in June 20th, 2013. Updated in March 12th, 2020.

Episode Synopsis
A New Day Joel makes a promise to a dying friend to care for Ellie. Lee stumbles upon Clementine alone in her home and decides to care for her. It's a new day for everyone as fate allows them to meet up and they work together to survive the horrors of the new world they have entered while traveling to Macon, meeting more people along the way and fighting against walkers that hunt them down.
Starved For Help After spending three months of living inside the Travelier Motel, Lee, Joel, Clementine, Ellie and the rest of their group are starved for help. But when they come across a family of dairy farmers, they are invited to have dinner with them. Will these dairy farmers prove to be the salvation they have been hoping for, or are they not what they appear to be?
Long Road Ahead The group is falling apart and the past comes back to haunt Lee and Joel. As they continue their struggle to survive against the walkers and the living, their trust will be tested, and some will be lost. They will have to prepare Clementine, Ellie and themselves for the dangers that lie ahead in the long road ahead.
Around Every Corner Upon arriving in the city of Savannah, Lee and Joel struggle to lead their group and keep them all safe. As the survivors become more paranoid and when no part of the city is safe, can they protect Clementine and Ellie from the dangers lurking around every corner?
No Time Left Clementine and Ellie have been taken by an unknown man. Lee and Joel are willing to do whatever it takes to save them both. With the dead now overrunning all of Savannah, can they get them back before there's no time left?