Those Left Behind
Season Three, Episode Seven
Post Date 31st May 2015
Written By Thunderslate
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Freya, Hector, Sasha, Bennett
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Sonja, Russell

"Those Left Behind", also known as "The DLC" is an additional episode of Thunderslate's Into The Fray: Season Three.

Protagonists Edit

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 61 - Orbit
  • Chapter 62 - Tibia
  • Chapter 63 - Phalanx
  • Chapter 64 - Heart
  • Chapter 65 - Face
  • Chapter 66 - Zygomatic
  • Chapter 67 - Palm
  • Chapter 68

Achievements Edit

  • Keep On The Move
  • Thespian
  • Duo
  • Go With The Flow
  • Meetings
  • Fight Club
  • Visitor
  • Forgotten But Not Gone
  • Got A Feeling

Plot SynopsisEdit

Day 1196 Edit

Following a bandit attack resulting in the death of her mother, the frail and ill Freya finds herself on the road to Sanctum, desperate to find her father. She is attacked by a walker but eventually dispatches it.

Reaching Sanctum, Freya is devastated to find the place burned to the ground. Sobbing at the sudden pang of hopelessness, Freya collapses against the front gate and turns, spying someone approach in the mist.


  • Freya Church
  • Mitchell Sullivan (walker)
  • Hector Rattmann
  • Silas Church
  • Sasha
  • Sonja
  • Bennett
  • Russell


  • Mitchell Sullivan (walker)


  • Chapter 61's title references walker Mitchell's missing eye socket.
  • Chapter 62's title references the tibia where Hector was shot.
  • Chapter 63's title references the Phalanges, the finger bones, which Sonja lost.
  • Russell's fate is finally revealed in Chapter 69.
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